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Nixon. The movie is focused on the presidency, conspiracy, assassination and turbulence about the great personality “Richard Nixon”. The film brings together the two leading men into a setting that seems more appropriate for the text. Through the cinematic medium, Frost/Nixon is enhanced by the fact that the key debate gains momentum, bringing a proximity to the audience that could have been experienced only by the TV-watching public in 1977, when Nixon finally managed to accept ‘responsibility’ for Watergate.

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Nixon contributes an important point in American politics. By making a film about the failure of a Republican president, Ron Howard, a Democrat, is engaging up close and personal more with the current administration than that of Nixon. The release of the film in the United States on 5 of December seems like a plea for an evaluation of the Bush leadership in the last eight years. The movie describes the life of Nixon with a clear abduct. Nixon had wars and made serious mistakes that were unveiled in time for action to be taken against him. Nixon was an intelligent politician, capable of rationalizing his own failures, so his confession allowed for the rehabilitation of belief in American government.

The story is essentially a dance between two once powerful men who discover they're more alike than either would care to admit. Both men are on the outs with their respective professions -- Nixon resigned the presidency as a result of the Watergate scandal, while Frost's TV gigs are drying up  and need to make a comeback.

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