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The past and present experiences in nursing and healthcare have seen constant transformations and evolution. These changes and evolutions is a basis for projections about the future of service delivery in the nursing profession and healthcare sector. This paper is a projection of the state of things in nursing and healthcare in the year 2060.

If the present trends continue, most nurses will attend to patients at home, community nursing centers, and make predictions through researchers. The institutions of healthcare such as hospitals will be preserved for patients who are very ill (Domrose, 2000). †The main focus of nursing and healthcare will be the management of multiple chronic illnesses and diseases.

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The present health technologies such as gene therapy and vaccines might end illnesses like AIDS and cancer. However, some new resistant diseases will erupt. Domrose (2000) cited that in 2060s, new technologies such as implanted microchips and cameras will allow caregivers to monitor the health conditions of patients in their places of residence. In fact, patients will be able to access their health information at the click of the mouse. Health complications will thus be stopped before they emerge. Physical attention of doctors will only be sought in surgical cases.† Medical genograms of families will be easily traceable in family health histories stored in virtual medical databanks to enhance interventions against genetic illnesses.

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New herbal predictions will be available, and network of healthcare professionals and nurses will exist. Consultations and referrals for patients are likely to be computerized and networked by 2060 (Domrose, 2000). Besides, the known hierarchy in the medical sector will change. For example, nurses will share a lot of duties with physicians. Nurse practitioners will begin to offer primary healthcare services even at household levels. Further, in 2060s, nurses will be involved in these interventions. This is partly because there will be tests that can reliably predict patientís vulnerability to major emotional and psychosocial problems.

In conclusion, the nursing and healthcare systems are yet to experience major transformations. This will make healthcare services better, cheaper, more efficient, and easily accessible by 2060.

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