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Free Example of Observations in CSUN Library Essay

The library serves both the students and the faculty in offering educational and cultural information as well as services. The library supports and supplements independent learning besides classroom learning for the students and faculty. Some students and faculty members came to the library for research purposes. The students developed and practiced various skills like identifying, assessing, synchronizing and locating information within the library premises. The library also offered the students and faculty who visited them to help loan the resources from other libraries that were not available within the library. These services were offered in an officer room 109 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. within the working days.

The library had course reserves that contained reserved materials selected by instructor for some particular courses. The resources reserved in that section of the library included books, articles, sample tests and CDs and DVDs. Many computers and laptop workstations were available within the library; this helped the students and faculty in research and learning. Some workstations were marked specifically for visitors. These workstations were used by the general public who visited the library. Nonetheless, the majority of the workstations in the library were restricted for the faculty, registered CSUN students and staff. In some instances when students and faculty visited the library and the restricted workstations were occupied, the library staff gave them priority by permitting  to use the workstations marked for the visitors.

In addition, the library offered the visitors  lockers and study rooms. The books were on the second and the third floors. The east wing of the second floor had media and music resources, whereas the west wing hosted the reading room. The fourth floor and the east wing reserves and microform had bound periodicals. Special collections were in the west wing of the second floor. The reference room is located on the first floor.

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