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The evolution of technology has played a major role in enhancing business opportunities across the globe. One technique about marketing that has been uplifted is online purchase. According to Bluschke (2011), online purchase is defined as the purchase of products or services through electronic commerce. It is a type of shopping that is made easier because one has to buy from a seller through the internet. Therefore, online purchase is when an individual buys products from the merchants on the internet. The changing dynamics of technology is what makes online purchase interesting. In addition, consumers are becoming more techno savvy and internet is growing as a marketing tool and this makes it easier to target a big number of consumers. In studying about the factors that influence consumer intention on online purchase, Bluschke (2011) notes that online purchase is the most effective way of shopping as it is able to save on consumer time and money.

In a fast moving world where people remain busy most of the time, online purchase makes it possible for consumers to interact with merchants at the click of a button. The revolution in the field of online purchase has been a result of the development of internet. Online purchase has now become an important part of our daily lives. Therefore, operating and carrying out shopping from the comfort of our homes has been made possible. An environment of incredible convenience has been created through online purchase. It is easier for consumers to choose any time of the day or night to carry out shopping through online purchase. Furthermore, online purchase has made it easier for consumers to make comparisons of prices before they can purchase a given product. It is also easier for consumers have an easy access of consumer reviews. It is also true that online purchase eliminates the experience of pressure sales that most consumers have to encounter while shopping.

E-commerce and Consumer’s Purchasing Behavior

In an extensive research carried out by Koyuncu and Lien (2003), online purchasing has gained rapid acclaim since its exposure to the public in 1993. On the other hand, the authors acknowledge that the growth of internet has been so due to several reasons with one being based on the need to meet consumer needs. Koyuncu and Lien (2003) argues that online purchase continues to attract research by management teams on way they can understand consumer behavior in order to reach target groups. The study by Koyuncu and Lien (2003) investigated the role of sexual preferences, primary place of online access and online experience. Each year, the number of internet users continues to increase considerably and the headache of many management teams is how to attract this fast growing population. For instance, cultural orientation keeps on changing and marketing that uplifts online purchase must take into account these fundamental changes.

Lamb et al (2011: 142), argues that no one can ever make tremendous progress without discovering why some things exist. For instance, before making a move on a market, retailers ask whether the location can be accommodative for their venture. Some other factors include the environment as well as the purchasing power of the customers. In order to grow, it is good to understand the changing patterns of the markets. It is, therefore, vital for companies that they are planning to make some positive growth through the Internet to have reliable data on how online purchasing have grown overtime, and the reasons that have contributed to this growth . On the other hand, such data ensures that managers are able to determine how they can go about their business dealings with an aim of making profitable gains.

E-commerce is a process, which allows businesses and individuals to undertake their transactions via the internet effectively. It emerged since 1982 with Boston Computer then it experienced explosion in growth with many organizations such as Banks adopting it. Since then, it has created other industries such as EBay, Amazon and Google, which earns billions of dollars per year. E-commerce plays a critical role to both the customers and organizations through facilitating effective and cheap transactions despite the challenges it faces.

Despite the advantages, e-commerce faces great threats due to cyber-crimes, which may lead to leakage of customers’ information. This tends to discourage many customers form using it due to fear of disclosing their personal information to the public. Moreover, e-commerce also faces a huge challenge due to lack of privacy, which results from insecurity.

The e-commerce has established several companies, which earns millions of dollars annually. For instance, in recent years, it has earned more than $700 billion dollars. Insecurity acts as the big challenge of e-commerce though there are others such competitions from other companies like Dell and Hewlett. In addition, several banks have adopted the strategy and tend to offer their services to customers for free thus declining the profitability of the e-commerce.

Due to lack of understanding of customers’ character, it is impractical to establish trust between the customers and the business. Different customers have varying perspective to different companies depending on the kind of relationship, which exists between them. However, online shopping offers a wide freedom to customers to choose what they want.

Corporations must also ensure that their marketing strategy is able to satisfy the needs of the consumers. Limitations on satisfying the needs of the consumers is an indication that the business might not make some great progress in terms of its promotional strategy and so the need to re-evaluate its position in the market. Among some other factors that are important towards this cause is the need in developing online advertising, market segmentation and the way in which corporations can effectively distribute their products. Management in any organization, therefore, can make some positive focus in terms of financial estimates and the amount of products they should dispatch into the market at  given time, depending on what they already know about consumer buying patterns. Guessing on consumer needs cannot be the case through undertaking this orientation in the market.

Kottler (2011) identifies the reasons as to why corporations need understanding the buying pattern of consumers on the Internet. He first points out at the essence of recognizing the need of the consumer. In doing so, the author notes that the consumers usually feel the sense that they are highly valued in the business ranks. Further, they feel they can always purchase from the retailer who is giving them undivided attention. A customer needs in undivided attention and one should not be made to feel as though one is in hurry to make sales. Some vital information needs to be taken with regards to their accessing of the business and also whether they are satisfied with the services or aren’t. Business that seems to be in  hurry to serve one customer over the other sends signs that it  biased towards former, and is likely to influence on its reception of other consumers.

Proposed Method

The different marketing concepts have acknowledged emerging technology such as the internet and social media as a way of reaching consumers. Past research has been undertaken with the intention of evaluating the impact of internet on marketing strategy. This is particular true in the study reflected by Yannapoulos (2011) who carried out extensive research on the impact of the internet on marketing strategy formulation. However, all the previous research has not been able to adequately link the internet to the trends that influence consumer choice. While some studies such as those carried out by

Testing Hypothesis:

  • How are consumers reacting to the advent of the Internet in relation to business transactions and preferences in terms of needs
  • Changes in technology  have had a great impact on the performance of consumers in the market
  • There are measurable factors that affect consumer relationship in terms of purchasing of products
  • Organizations are effectively designing ways through which they can attract more customers by the Internet


The independent variable is the rate of changes in technology which and how it affects online user in how they purchase products.  Moderating variables include pricing, advertising and branding(Goddard, 2004).. The physical environment in terms of the stores, customer services and technical support is also important moderating variables in the study.  Participants who have regularly used the internet and purchased products online will be randomly selected an assessed through in-depth interviews and direct observations to test possible hypothesis in the experiment.


In order to adequately get results about the topic, a total number of 50 participants will be used. The number was arrived at in order to allow the researcher more time to get effective response and make effective analysis.

It is characterized with those being interviewed giving much richer answers to the questions that have been raised. Furthermore,  much more valued insight is required in this section in order to determine how consumers’ buying power has been able to transform the way business are undertaken(Goddard et al, 2004). The research will have to involve a few people who will clearly elaborate on the given topic of interest which is consumers’ behavior on the Internet. The different stages of conducting the interview involve:

In-depth Interviews: In-depth interviews there are usually a loosely structured way of carrying out a research. Furthermore, it may last from 10 to 30 minutes or even longer depending on the depth of response that is given by the person being interviewed. This type of interview can be divided into two categories involving face to face approach or through the use of telephone (Goddard et al, 2004,  p. 77). There is need in general dynamic being established between the person who is interviewed and the interviewer so as to get into deeper insight as well as acquiring of the needed information.

Direct Observation: In this case data is collected through an external observer. The person in this scene is usually referred to as a non-observer. On the other hand, the data will be collected from the person who is also participating. The researcher also takes part by being part of the people being studied (Quester & Neal, 2007,  32). Through being part of the people, the researcher will clearly understand the direction of the research question.

The two given hypothesis will be studied using the Quantitative approach. This type of approach calls to mind the use of quantifying the relationship among buildings, people and climatic conditions. The research undertakes measuring variables on a sample of subjects. This calls to mind the number of people who will be interviewed in the research. The researcher will also desire to profile the target audience by determining what proportion of the audience is given certain reaction to the question posed (Lantos, 2011, p.59). On the other hand, a general survey through this approach might involve face to face dialogue conducting interviews through the mail or telephone or even by the use of computers. It is important that this approach take into consideration the literature review on the subject matter as well as taking consideration of the views already handed down by the experts. The approach will be able to assess the proportion of the target audience within a given community as well as the various views given by the interviewed groups.


The study will show that consumers are affected with changes in technology especially search engine technologies that affects how searches are performed. In addition, level of advertising and information directly affects consumer buying patterns. Consumer prefer technology that save time and   dislike information overload. Lastly, consumers prefer human based reviewed rather computer generated recommendations.


The purposed of the experiment is to find out how are consumers reacting to the advent of the Internet in relation to business transactions and preferences in terms of needs. Second, changes in technology have had a great impact on the performance of consumers in the market. Third, the measurable factors that affects consumer relationship in terms of purchasing of products (Goddard, 2004). Finally, organizations are effectively designing ways through which they can attract more customers by the Internet. Even thorough the research was prepared adequately; there were still limitations in the study. The research the population for the experiment was a small group, only fifty participants which did not represent majority of internet users. Second, the experiment used in-depth interviews which required a skill interviewer, lack of a clear structure makes it susceptible to the interviewer’s interpretation, data is often difficult to analyze and interpret and highly expensive to administer to participants. Lastly, since the pre test and post test were carried out the researcher it lacks some degree of subjectivity and objectivity in it approach (Goddard et al, 2004). The strength of the study deals with a small number of subjects, therefore can be conducted with little effort and findings obtained within a short time. There is also savings in cost because of the few participants in the experiment.

They are number of ethical issues in the experiment. First of all, the experiment will ensure the right to both participants and non-participants by ensuring necessary information that is related to the study. The study will ensure anonymity and confidentiality of participants. Lastly, the experimenter will be responsible and honest to the participants.     

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