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The quote under consideration focuses on Parfit’s approach to defining human identity. In fact, he believes that there is a kind of a split personality, which explains why one and the same person can have such a variety of experiences as if he were several people. He avoids suggesting that there might be two different autonomous personalities, but rather believes that there are two separate lines of experience in one person.

The specifics of Parfit’s philosophy and his argument are based on the distinction between Ego theory and Bundle theory. The former states that parts of personality are united by some special metaphysical center, which some people call Ego, whereas some more spiritual ones can call it a soul. In contrast, Bundle theory denies the idea of such unity and claims that parts of personality are just conventionally perceived as one whole, when in fact they are not. Hence, Parfit denies Ego theory and favors Bundle theory, which means that when talking about two experiences belonging to one person, he implies that these are two different streams, which are not necessarily united. The difference between these experiences does not mean that they belong to different personalities, because there is no integrity of a human identity. The mechanism of memory integrates experiences into streams, both over time and at a particular moment. Experiences come from different modes of perception, such as vision or hearing, and they should therefore be integrated.

Personally, I believe that Parfit’s theory makes sense in terms of philosophy. Mechanism of streams and integrating experiences looks especially interesting for me, and provides a new vision on how memory and consciousness work together. The Bundle theory questions the fact that a person is integrated, it rather suggests that there is a special mechanism that makes people be delusional about their own unity. Yet, I think that Ego theory is more convincing as it states that there is some focus that integrates past, present and future as well as one’s awareness. Moreover, I am a spiritual person and believe that a human possesses a special spiritual center, which unites all activities, thoughts and feelings.

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