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The most socially important scenario seems to be Program Scenario Four, which offers the establishment of the Madison Children’s Hospital. Uncontestably, one of the most fundamental constitutional values of the USA is the preservation of the health, especially of the younger generations’ of Americans. The construction of this hospital will be a unique opportunity to conduct scientific research and discovery, hereby seeking new solutions to tackle serious chronic illnesses. Another important point of the chosen investment alternative is the fact, that the installation of this medical facility will definitely provide broad educational and career opportunities for the upcoming generations of child physicians. The third reason to launch namely this project, are the crying needs of the neighborhood, since no similar medical institution exists in the area and no intentions to set up a one a reported to take place. With regard to the nature of the future research conducted in the hospital, it is proposed that the focus is to be made on the technological and biological factors, because they are indisputably the most important components of the effective medical research.

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As far as the evaluation model is concerned, the most effective and apt for the needs of this project is objective-oriented approach. Considering the complexity and the multistage nature of the future project, this evaluation model shall be applied. The neutral and unbiased appraisal of the entire project can be effectively rendered only on condition that the integral constituents (i.e. independent research and treatment centers of the hospital) are independently appraised, because they may function separately. If some part of the project is not fully completed, the successfully launched facilities can function independently and the specific goals shall not be affected. This evaluation model seems to be the most relevant for the chosen program.

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