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All of us are born innocent without any idea about the human nature. We develop characters depending on the society we grow in. The way we interact with each other creates new things and destroys others. Our actions shape the world we live in. On the other hand, nature has its own way of bringing new things into existence. But to a large extent the effects of nature are the result of human’s interaction with it. An example is global warming which is directly related to human’s actions. Global warming has adverse effects which changes climatic conditions and influences on formation of surface water features. The advancement of technology observed in the world today would not have been possible if there was no interaction among the people. Bringing people together who have the same goals results to innovation and great development. It is because of the above reasons; moreover I support the idea put forward by sociologists that whatever exists around us is a result of human behavior and interactions.

The article “Is Ethnic Beauty the New “It” Factor?” by Liane Membis, looks into the current trend of the beauty industry. According to the article, women are incorporating a more ethnical ideal regarding their looks. More women in America are embracing ethnic roots when it comes to beauty. “Ethnic beauty” is used to refer to the natural features associated with the traditional women of Asian, Latin and African cultures. A number of assumptions are taken for granted among them being the challenges faced when shifting from an ideal form of beauty to ‘ethnic’ beauty. Moreover, women are likely to change with trends which mean that only the fashion industry can shape the direction which most American women will take. Celebrities are influential to women who look upon them. Americans have started realizing that other people’s perspective regarding beauty and fashion matters too. That’s the reason behind the embracing of other cultures and appreciating their values and traditions.

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The ten values identified by Williams have been instrumental to the lives of American people. Some of these values have become even stronger while others have been faced out by time and globalization. The Americans have been in the fore front advocating for equal opportunities for its citizens and the world at large. An equal opportunity makes it possible for one to achieve personal growth and success. On the other hand, values that deal with racism and group superiority have with time weakened due to penetration of globalization. There is a lot of criticism regarding racism and those still exercising it are seen to be lame and inflexible to global changes. In order to achieve cohesion among countries’ and religions, dialogue has been fundamental. Time is gone when countries would go into war without consulting international bodies. The value of democracy is being exercised in most countries and transparency is also observed.

Human rights have been a concern to most nations. Some cultures practice traditional activities that are deemed to violate human rights. It has been a challenge trying to impose universal human rights to all cultures. However, some factors such as dialogues, public sensitization, forums and seminars have helped many communities to appreciate the need to shift from activities such as female genital mutilation. Interacting with such communities and informing them of the adverse effects of some of their activities makes them progressively shun from them. Female genital mutilation is practiced mostly by some African communities. It’s seen as a passage from childhood to adulthood. In an effort to end this form of human injustice, human rights activists have encouraged these communities to seek alternative forms of passage. An example is partnering with such communities to improve their living standards if they shun away from the practice.

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