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Despite many studies trying to investigate the impact of pre-exercise stretching on running economy, there has not been conclusive evidence to support the claim of reduced performance. Moreover, the gaps left by most studies necessitated the conclusion that pre-exercise stretching has no impact on the running economy.

It is speculated that reduction in performance due to stretching is as a result of reduction in either muscle-tendon-unit or motor-unit-activation. However, these changes are difficult to identify while others are inconsistent.

Experimental Approach to the Problem

Tests on a stiffer muscle tendon unit were carried out using four different pre-exercise procedures. The variables for the tests included running economy, steady-state VO2, and range of movement. The selected subjects were seven and were at their competitive phase. The initial tests determined Lactate Threshold LT and Vo^max.

Stretching interventions targeted the main muscles and the conditions included static stretching (SS), controlled velocity dynamic stretching (CVDS), and progressive static stretching (PSS). The subjects stretched to the point of discomfort.

The stretching protocol included Standing Unilateral Quadriceps Stretch, Standing Unilateral Calf Stretch, Lunge, Seated Unilateral Hamstring Stretch, and Seated Unilateral Gluteal Stretch. The effects of these protocols were assessed using constant velocity run. Analysis of expired gas was also carried out to investigate the presence of fractions of Oa (Fe O) and CO, (Fe CO^). All the variables were then subjected to statistical analysis.


SS group gave slightly higher values than PSS group on most accounts. However, the difference was extremely minimal to have significant effects on the running economy.

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