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Recently, U.S President Barack Obama is visiting Afghanistan to sign a partnership deal with his counterpart President Hamid Karzai (Manuel, 2012). According to the article, the America officials have been negotiating with President Karzai officials to come in consensus over American engagement to Afghanistan affairs. The main aim of the strategic partnership deal is to ensure that terrorist activities in Afghanistan end. On the other hand, U.S government would like to leave Afghanistan government to lead the nation by its own. For this reason, President Obama was visiting Afghanistan to show solidarity to his counterparts and the importance of this agreement (Manuel, 2012).

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According to the article, certain main points of the agreement have been released to the public. Based on the agreement, American troops are going to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014. However, a few members of the American military will be left to train Afghanistan security forces. This is to ensure that a strong security system is left in Afghanistan. Secondly, U.S is going to provide finances to Afghanistan for the purposes of fighting terrorism in their nation for the next ten years (Manuel, 2012). This is shows that America is devoted to join forces with the Afghanistan government to eradicate terrorism.

Finally, the article has ended by showing that before signing the deal; America and Afghanistan have had difficulties. For this reason, President Obama is dedicated to cement the relationship for future benefits of the two nations. However, the two officials agree that Afghanistan is still volatile to violence especially Taliban vows to get into power immediately after U.S troops live Afghanistan. Therefore, to help solve this problem, President Obama is kindly asking Taliban forces to surrender their arms and join the government (Manuel, 2012). Therefore, this article has highlighted a current event of President Obama busy schedule to protect America against terrorism.

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