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Evidence based practice means a process that considers explicit and careful use of best evidence (disease diagnosis) in making decisions about the care of individual client using various processes such as transferring information needs into a well-formulated accountable question, tracking down the best evidence to answer the question through clinical examination, the diagnostic laboratory, the published literature or other sources, if any.

In addition, evidence-based practice means the attention, values and hope of the clients to their active participation in decision-making process. Testing the efficacy of treatments, procedures, client education and other interventions are the most crucial parts of evidence-based practice. In addition, diagnostic assessment, screening, prognosis and causation are the processes that need to be done to ensure the real cause of the disease.

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There are various reasons that resist in adopting evidence-based practices. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

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Healthcare Organization Culture: Barriers include minute history of the client, culture or anticipation that evidence is usually and systematically used to strengthen practice. Achieving evidence-based ways of working is entirely a central department responsibility, rather than a joint responsibility with individuals locally. Moreover, risk aversion mitigates against taking action in response to new ideas.

Educational Environment: Uncertainty about how transferable or generalized evidence is, which mitigates against implementation of new ideas. In addition, evidence is not obtainable in easily digestible formats, which allow simple translations into policy and practice.

Well, evidence-based practice is very important in Healthcare, which can be encouraged by creating the right culture and expectation through reinforcement of expectations and setting specific objectives for individuals. Raise awareness about available research materials, foster skill development in utilizing these resources through training and learning sets to help digest and disseminate evidence, etc.

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