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Free Example of Professional Dilemma Essay

The concept of professional ethics comprises of what a professional should do and what not to do in the workplace. It also determines what professionals are willing to communicate and how they are willing to communicate. Ethical decisions are often required in order to deal with tough situations in many business organizations. Some institutions and websites have designed some professional codes of ethics that includes professional respect, avoidance of dishonest or fraudulent and professional development of an individual among others. Moreover, the aspect of professional ethics is the enhancement of the profession and the organization within which the professional works.

There are certain dos and doníts that technical professional should keep in their mind. Some of the dos are as follows:

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  • Customer is considered as god, so do return value to your consumer, always.
  • Always deliver quality in a timely manner
  • Be honest in whatever information you are sharing with the client, consumer and boss of the organization you are working for.
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  • Treat your colleague and other employees in a friendly manner in order to gain respect from their side.
  • Do not write things that could cause controversy or raise issue, which could not be under your control.

Considering all the above points, if I find myself in a situation where I would be asked not to write the test result, which is unfavorable in terms of product promotion, I would not write the test result directly. I will definitely convey the message to my consumers but in a logical manner. For example, if the company for which I am working, manufactures a mobile screen, which is 100 per cent scratch free -- knowing the fact that it is not Ė I would suggest consumers not to use the product roughly because in that situation, scratch may occur.

Since I am also an employee of a company from where I am getting salary for my work, I would not do anything that could hamper the company reputation in any way. However, I cannot cheat clients and consumers at the same time. Therefore, to balance both the world, I would take a neutral approach to convey the true message to the consumers.

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