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Free Example of Public School System Essay

Columbia Secondary School is among the new public schools in New York. The school was opened in 2006 beginning with sixth grade as its first class. Currently, the school has classes from the sixth grade to the tenth grade. According to the school system, they are devised to teaching students mathematics, science and engineering. Presently, the school is ranked ten out of ten in the county. In the school, certain services have become an integral part of the school system resulting in its unique and excellent performance.

The services the school is offering are extra social activities for the students. Although the school aims at offering better than average education to the students, they are also offering students social curriculum activities where they provide politics and general information to the students. In this case, they are ensuring that their students are not only competent in sciences but also socially knowledgeable. By doing this, the school is preparing students to what they are going to encounter when they complete their education. These are extra services provided by the school that have come to be a part of the system.

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It would be a significant improvement in the public school system if other schools adopted these services as part of their education system. This is because many schools are trying to provide excellence in education performance. In this case, teachers do all they can to provide education excellence resulting in high scores of the students. However, these schools do not prepare students to what they are going to face upon graduating from school. Therefore, when other schools emulate Colombia Secondary School and adopt the extra services in their system, they will not only create geniuses, they will create socially conscious members of the world community. For this reason, other schools should adopt these services as part of their school system to promote excellence in education.

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