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Reims Cathedral was once the place where the Kings of France were crowned. It is also the member of the prestigious High Gothic of which Amiens and Chartes are also fellow members.

The present cathedral was finished in the 13thcentury after it burned down in 1211. The French National assembly in 1875 voted in favor of repairs to the balustrades and facades. With being the luxury part of the entire building, the portico is also a masterpiece from the middle ages.

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The towers are 267 feet in height. To the south of the tower are two great bells one which is named Charlotte weighs nearly 12 tons. The fronts of the transepts are festooned with various sculptures. The transept which is on the northern part has the statue of the Reims bishops. The southern part of the transept has a window with the apostles and the prophets. The interior part of the cathedral is almost 450 feet long, 125 feet in height and almost 100 feet in width. There are some fine tapestries present in the cathedral. The most significant being the representation of the Virgin life which was offered by Robert de Lenoncourt.

The work of Marc Chagall who was a Russian painter is well-liked inside the cathedral/ He installed stained glass on the side and at the back of the cathedral. The treasury holds the holy flask (Sainte Ampoule) which is said to be the heir of the original one which had oil by which kings in France were appointed. The Original holy flask was broken when the French revolution took place but this version has a minor piece of the original.

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