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Richard Anuszkiewicz, has a great use of color and shapes in his works whether it is a sculpture or a painting. Richard Anuszkiewich was born in 1930, at the age of 30 had his first major exhibition. He was among the first artists who start working in the Op movement. Op Art is an optical art that is concerned with illusion and the colors of the plain, the things you see and what you understand. While receiving master’s degree Richard was a student of Josef Albers. Moreover, he shared Albers' fascination with shapes and their relationships to color, that is why, their works are amazingly alike. However, after thoroughly investigation the differences in the ideas and the representation are considerable. 

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The first work of Anuszkiewicz we will analyze is “Plus Reversed” that was made in 1960. That was a part of exhibition held in New York Geometric Abstraction of America. The stunning contrast on the painting between the green and red was an influence of the work by Michel Eugene Chevreul famous for combinations of colors with striking contrast effects.

The other work that contributed a lot in art, is the artist’s Self Portrait of 1954, full of vibrant colors. That was before he had fallen under the influence of his mentor Josef Albert and got interested in the abstraction and the underlying process.

 Richard Anuszkiewicz is a remarkable artist who has found his unique way of expression in the Op Art and never traded it for anything else, continued to work in this style. His eccentric use of colors is simple, but very strong, visual effects are what set him apart from a number of writers working within similar style.

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