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Free Example of Ryanair Raises Forecasts Essay

The article describes the positive forecasts made by the Ryanair, one of the most popular budget airlines in Europe. The sales predictions that are provided in this piece of writing (the increase to 540 million euro this year) are caused by the profit growth based on the sales revenue during the period of Christmas holidays. The profit increase is over 4 million euro for the period. That is what allows the management of the company making positive forecasts.

In my opinion, airline industry is a very chaotic business. It is not possible to predict, what will happen to the profits of the company if the passengers decide not to fly. Such decisions are usually made due to political and social events, plane crashes and other factors. However, these factors usually affect mass consumers of airlines, especially budget airlines like Ryanair. Therefore, I would advise not to be too positive about the coming financial year based on solely the successful holiday season revenue growth.

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 Iceland Wins Case over Failed Bank

The article describes the case when the state wins over European Union authority. This has been a “sweeping victory,” as described in it. The case has been initiated by the European Free Trade Association and basically blamed Iceland on not informing the savers in the UK and Netherlands that their insurance is due payment. Nevertheless, the case was solved in favor of Iceland since the country, according to the legislation, has nothing to do with the bank systemic crisis.

To my mind, the described situation is a fine example of those norms within the European Union legislation that are not perfect. In member countries of the EU, the state has power and authority to control the banking system. Howsoever, there are situations when the state should be left alone as it cannot finance and control the whole financial management of the banks and their bankruptcy.

 Profit with Purpose

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The article tells a story about, the company that is co-founded by Jeremy Heimans in New York. The young company is divided into two key chapters: the profit chapter and the non-profit one. It only accepts projects that fit the values. All of these projects have to entail a social mission within them in order to become ‘clients’ for the

As for me, such vision of the company is a new method or instrument for implementing social projects with high public involvement. The company that creates donation funds and, at the same time, serves its clients by helping them implement their projects is a very interesting idea for business that brings to life very important human values. The project like that is a start to many other companies of such type in the future.

The Road to Renewal

The article is based on Islam and science relationship. The Road to Renewal depicts the idea of bringing science and scientific facts to one of the world’s most powerful religions. The writing is specifically focused on the following aspects: university renewal, technological development, scientific boom in Islamic countries. All three described aspects are based on the real life examples; however, they help in creating a full picture of the situation.

Islam is a very complex religion, and only few people who really understand its values can make generalizations about the future of the Islamic society. Nonetheless, technological development moves fast, and together with the western civilization entering the Muslim world, technology and science become part of Islamic social life. Therefore, in order to remain focused and up-to-date, Islamic community needs to implement scientific research and move towards knowledge-based society. Universities are already developing their scientific approach to learning, and social institutions in Islamic countries will be the next to start changing.

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