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Soda drinking has been a serious threat to the health of its users. This much liked drink, however, has been attributed to many health complications. New York City has become one of the first states to propose and implement a ban on sodas. Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal on the ban of large-sized sodas has been voted unanimously by health officials. In a period of six months, the court will give a final ruling on the matter

The reason to implement this proposal is in harmful effects of sodas on the human organism that may result in obesity. It is recorded that obese individuals do not contribute fully to the community because of their general inactivity. Obesity is a massive problem in America for the last couple of years. Other obese related complications like diabetes are blooming in the nation affecting the economy eventually.

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PROBLEM: Sodas are a cause of health complications to many citizens in New York City.

It is normal for everyone to desire refreshments after a long sunny day. The problem is that these drinks are not beneficial. Sodas that are sold in large containers provide too high consumption of sugar; this explains why the proposal of sixteen ounce bottles prevails.

What many do not understand is that this consumption of sugar only builds up the amount of fat deposition in the body. A lot of fat has been proven fatal to the body as these fats influence internal organs like the heart. When the heart, for instance, is covered with too much fat, it fails to supply blood to the body effectively. This individual is then diagnosed with heart diseases. This is the reason why obese people cannot perform cardiovascular activities like their counterparts. Another problem caused by obesity is respiratory complications; diseases like asthma and lung cancer are invited. Feeling too heavy to perform daily activities is the reason of their bodies not able to cope with their weights. In addition, this poor respiratory ability affects the activity of the heart.

All these problems appear just because of cravings for soda that is unnecessary and avoidable. In six days, with final approval of the proposal by the court, we will see New York moving forward new the economy building. The long term result for banning soda is increased citizens’ involvement in the state’s activities.

CONTEXT: Soda and obesity.

The Mayor’s (Bloomberg’s) action to forbid sales of large-sized containers of sodas is a positive step towards the nation’s revolution. This plan has been fought by politicians and other activists, even the republicans. Poll results show that sixty percent of participants are against the plan. It can be explained in terms of investments made by the people who own or are shareholders of these companies. Opposition is normal when a gigantic investment is potentially lost due to legislation.

Health issues created by soda consumption are extremely expensive both to the nation and individuals. The costs of drugs and continued medication are too expensive and wasteful in the long term. Excess of sugar affect the pancreas production of hormones to control the level of sugar in the blood. As a result, the victim develops diabetes – a condition where the level of sugar cannot be controlled. Medical officers report that diabetes causes many health problems like loss of sight and asthma attacks and may result in death. The odds of recovery after such an attack lie majorly on the ability to sustain medication which is extraordinarily difficult considering there is a change in diet. These are the complications of too much sugar consumption from what doctors call empty calories.

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a)         Production of only sugar-free sodas in New York City.

Another way to decrease sugar consumption is producing sugar-free sodas only.


  • The total production will be unaffected by these initiatives; thus, companies still maintain their initial profits.
  • These sugar free drinks are healthy to the consumers; thus, no health risks are triggered.


  • The market for these drinks may fall as many will not be intrigued by the thought of sugar free sodas.
  • Soda is not the only source of obesity, and the reform requires further unpopular steps.

b)         Introduction of soda tax.

This method is to introduce taxation on the sale of sodas. It was Bloomberg’s earlier proposal, but it was rejected by politicians.


  • With tax, the prices will rise, thus, reducing the number of users by default. This is a reduction in the consumption though on a small scale.
  • To the country’s economy, there is a significant revenue increase, thus, growth of the nation.


  • There will still be a number of well off citizens who will not be affected by a rise in prices.

c)         Ban on production of more than sixteen ounce packed sodas.


  • Reduced medical expenses for the government.
  • Job places are saved in companies.


  • Profits of investors will reduce considerably.

d)        The continued production of large sized bottled sodas

Consumption of sugar remains on a high level. Media continue playing a leading role in the encouragement of soda drinking.


  • Unaffected revenue to the government.
  • Good market force for the companies.
  • Satisfied citizens.


  • Poor health among the citizens.
  • Annual increase in medical costs in the country’s budget.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The ban of sodas in New York State.

In comparison with the other alternatives on the reduction of cases of obesity in New York City, banning of soda production and selling in large containers is the best decision. The costs incurred by the government under medical plans will be substantially reduced. The amount spent by government of America in addressing the issues of obesity compromise the implementation of other vital projects in the country. The funds directed towards the treatment of obesity and other health complications contributed by massive consumption of soda can be reduced drastically if sodas are banned in New York City as well as the entire country.

I recommend this plan towards the control of sugar consumption to reduce obesity in New York. This will be imperative in improving healthy living among American people, as well as reduce government expenditures.

IMPLEMENTATION PLAN: Politicians need to focus on the benefits rather than the profits to be achieved in business.

The court system should pass the proposal after six days so as to reduce the production of sodas. In the implementation of this plan, the government should ignore the self-interests of greedy business men and focus more on the welfare of people as far as health is concerned.

ACTION: Please prepare to implement this memo on my signature.

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