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Free Example of Software Development Essay

This paper aims at addressing and understanding the actions and events that people undertake, in the development of software. This includes details of software development such as the material requirements, level of expertise, and the time requirement, organizational and technological needs. The paper identifies an approach that is suitable in understanding the perspective of software development. Thus, in summary, the paper gives a solution to unending questions on the process, the requirements, and components of software development.

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This paper contributes to the knowledge bank on the components and structure of software development through research. The paper offers the results of an analysis of software development data through two different sets of data collection technique. They include time diaries and direct observation. The paper gives a quantitative approach to the analysis of the data, and comes up with conclusions that help in understanding software development. For instance, the paper reveals that software developers tend to alternate   development options to reduce blocking and enhance output. In addition, the paper explains the time factor in sudden, unexpected interruptions.

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Weaknesses of the Paper

One of the notable shortcomings of this paper lies on the fact that the paper draws conclusions from a small sample unit. Conclusions that affect a large population must come from a sizeable section of the entire population. This will reduce the deviation between the results from the sample and the expected result from the whole population.

The other shortcoming of the paper comes from the methodology that the researcher used. The researcher used a retrospective survey questionnaire, which often gives a relatively flat and static view of the process of software development. This survey required a methodology that could capture the dynamism in the software development process. Thus, the report and recommendations from this paper do not give a satisfactory view of the software development process.

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