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There are some events that bring significant changes to our lives, expand our world view, and contribute to our development. For instance, getting used to a new culture and changing everything connected to the ordinary way of living can be a very challenging process. Thus, one of the most important events in my life that had a great influence on my personality was the move from my home country to America.

Moving to the USA

It happened so that my family and I decided to move to the USA in 2008 after I have completed my 12th grade in India. Leaving everything that was connecting me with my childhood, friends and a part of my family was absolutely painful and frightening, because I did not know what was expecting me in the USA.

The first impression I got from the country that became my new home was not the most pleasant one, I must admit. The USA and India seemed to be two contrasting worlds that do not have much in common. The first challenge was obviously connected to the language barrier. Any knowledge received outside an English-speaking country does not seem relevant when you are finally required to use the language on the everyday basis. The pronunciation and the way some words and phrases are used were different to what I was taught at school back in India.

Moreover, one of the most important aspects is the cultural difference. It was and still is not easy to overcome the difficulty of adjusting to a new surrounding with completely different customs and traditions. It took me some time to comprehend the dissimilarity between the values and lifestyles of two cultures. I had to get used to new things such as different food and lifestyle. Even the education system of the USA is not like in India which I also had to adjust to.

Changing a place of living to a country with a completely different culture was an outstanding experience for me. It developed my knowledge about other countries and made me comprehend and accept cultural differences. Moreover, it helped me become more adjustable and diverse as a person. Adapting to new conditions was not an easy step in my life, which taught me much and gave me confidence that this experience made me much stronger and be able to handle various difficulties. Undoubtedly, it helped me to start looking on the world with the eyes of an adult.


Thus, I believe that this experience was very valuable for shaping my personality and developing my knowledge about a new culture. Only people who had a similar experience can understand what I felt when I found myself in a completely different surrounding. However, after a long period of adapting and getting used to the life in America, I understand that I did not only get a new home, but also developed and enriched my personality.

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