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Gun Control State Policy Article Analysis

Consequences of the state policy towards gun control have been a debatable issue for a long time in the USA. Thus, the aim of this article is to provide a short summary of the chosen article related to gun control in the country.

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The article provides the inside on the gun control and supports the information with related statistics. It demonstrates that about 40% of married households living in the suburbs keep a gun in their house. Moreover, the author argues that the chances of a family owning a gun quite often depend on the political views people have rather than their gender, race, hometown, etc. For instance, there is a higher chance for Republicans to keep a gun at home; this tendency has intensified over the last few decades.

The author demonstrates the raise in the gun ownership amongst Republicans contrasting it to the drop of the percentage of Democrats having a firearm in their household. Racial differences and place of living also influence the decision of people about having a gun, although not as significantly. Hence, white voters are more likely to have weapons in their household than the representatives of other racial groups.

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Furthermore, the percentage of Democrats owning a gun varies depending on their age; voters aged older than 65 are 10 percent more likely to have a firearm. Other factors that increase the possibility of a person having a gun at home include living in a rural area, belonging to the middle class, and not having a high level of educational attainment.

Thus, I have decided to use the article in my paper since it contains valuable information about the factors that define the possibility of a household keeping a firearm. Moreover, it helps to create a clear profile of a person who is most likely to own a gun.

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