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Free Example of Strategic Implications Essay

Information technologies have penetrated all spheres of life opening wider perspectives for business relations in the first place. The article Strategic Implications of the Information Age focuses on the five main organizational relationships with regard to IT. The authors discuss how companies can benefit from the implementation of the newest technologies. Employees’ collaboration can be facilitated by various computer-mediated interactions, such as videoconferences, intranets and extranets. In fact, virtual teams can be effective in solving complex problems across considerable distances. With the advent of IT, organizations can rely on telecommuters and contingency workers in the non-core areas of business, reduce the costs on the office facilities and staff, and increase their competitiveness on the market. Organizations can concentrate on their primary strategic goals, if they resort to outsourcing the less important organizational activities. E-commerce is another benefit resulting from the effective use of the Internet. In fact, the Internet activities are very popular nowadays, because they “gain worldwide visibility for relatively minimal cost” (424). Finally, organizations can start cooperative ventures in order to overcome market challenges and keep their businesses afloat. Such ventures are believed to be successful, if organizations have the same or similar strategic orientation. The authors identify three main forces that are likely to impact the workplace of the future, namely “the application and evolution of information and communication technologies”, “the globalization of markets”, “the development and deployment of advanced manufacturing and logistical technologies”. All their predictions have become a reality, and the information technologies are extensively used in business operations these days. Besides the technologies mentioned in the article, organization also rely on different mobile applications, social media, microchips, etc. There is no denying the fact that we are in the midst of IT innovations that are aimed to change our working habits, lifestyles and minds in general.

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