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This is a report that integrates the procedure of evaluating and applying an online Well Being clinic system. This online system looks to assist the health practitioners; doctors, and receptionists to manage patients who attend the clinic, it offers a dynamic and consistent application that will work towards limiting cost and time in the clinic; furthermore, testing strategy and online analysis will be part of this paper.

This project will be advanced using Microsoft Visio software, and tools such as context, entity relationship diagram and DFD.

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In the clinic setting, the system analysis and design looks into the aspect of the hospital situation with the desire of elevating it by much enhanced processes and approaches. The analysis of the clinic system and design is based on modeling the company, enhanced performance and acquisition of goals for the sake of acquiring profit and development. The main focus of the system is action, networking with the systems and acquisition of the main objective. The focus on the system and defining how it works, the alterations to be worked on and the quality of result are the main concern of the system analysis.

The clinic setting is a difficult system which involves a connection of a number of sub settings. Any alteration on one system impacts on another one. It offers a model for visualizing the company and the setting aspects on a system. Of significance is the elevated performance and feeling of success with quality data and client satisfaction.

The business and the technical option look to bring about a system that is flexible and reliable that meets the aspects of bringing about an appointment. Looking the business option of the clinic, the business option, the system is able to offer the patient a simple access to the system and make appointment, the receptionist will be able to properly manage the record system† and the doctor is able to get trace his records while at the same time meeting the profitable aspect of the system. In terms of the technical aspect, the system connects the profitability to the features the system has in terms of its hardware and software aspects. The community-based care system was more preferred as it was able to surpass the needs of the users of the system. The paper went ahead to look at the questionnaire that was based on the development of the system. The system was found to meet the objective of the system in meeting the needs of the users while being reliable as well as efficient.

A. Introduction

The need to create a system that is reliable and make it proficient for patients to get an appointment with the doctor has grown to be dismal. The patient to doctor appointment has been costly as well as time wasting through queues. The online appointment system creates a more efficient manner of getting appointments and limiting the time patients queue (Bailey, 1952). In number instances, the patients looking for help from the doctor are bound to have psychological implications that they are in no position to tell someone else. In reference to Chen and Robinson (2003; 136-306; Cayirli, et al, 2006), these patients need some form of privacy, suitability and great forms of dynamicity to see the doctor.

This report is based on implementing an online application enabling the practice of reservation of appointments for patients in well-being clinics. The online application offers a number of attributes, to additionally develop the patientís and doctorís relations with dynamic and suitability.

The main objective is to advance a dynamic and consistent system that meets the operation of creating an appointment.

The project goals are;

  • Creating a system for the well-being clinic.
  • Creating consistent and dynamic reservation system for the patient and doctors.
  • Simple communication with patients and doctors
  • Remind the patient and doctors regarding their appointment constantly.
  • Is to be accessed by the doctors and patients of the follow-up appointments constantly.

This report offers a number of sections of the project. There is the design, documentation and assessment of the system. The system analysis is based on a patient to Doctor Appointment with the help of a questionnaire to support the system advancement.

B. †Body of the† Report

Business Option

Requirements Analysis†

2.1.System Requirements

  • Provide a seamless, reliable and flexible electronic appointment system
  • Offer an easy communication with doctors and book appoints periodically
  • Remind both patient and doctors of appoints periodically
  • Doctors, staff and other patient can follow-up on appoints
  • Should be accessible from an number of platforms

2.2.System Features

The Mayo Clinic information system will offer doctors with several features that will improve the overall efficiency of their jobs. Doctors will be able to login refer patients; choose a suitable to attend to patience. He or she has also the ability to make changes on appointment and also inform the patient of those changes. The doctor will be able to view, read, write and edit patient information in the system. This will features will ensure that the system is convenient and effective for both the patient and the doctor.

The patient will also benefit from using the system. Through the patients will not be able to login or use the system patient will benefit from the system through a seamless way through information can be easily accessed and improve the quality of customer offered to them (Zhu, 2003). Patients will be informed on appoints through conventional methods on appoints and possible changes through the receptionist.†

The receptionist/staff will also have access to the system. However, his or her role will be limited to only viewing information of patient. The receptionist will be able to make and alter appoints in the system and later inform the patient about appointments.†

2.3.Business Option Requirement

The following were some of the business option considered on the case of the Well-Being Clinic.

2.3.1. Option 1: Manual to an automated patient information system

The first option gave a number of advantages:

  1. Doctorís procedures will be fully automated and can be freed of filling cabinets that take real estate. However, they will be replaced with computer databases that will store clinic information. It will be operated by the receptionist and the doctors

  2. The doctors will be able to used mobile devices to carry out their task.

  3. Improved customer care to patient especially during busy days.

  4. Prioritize patients records who come first and so on

2.3.2. Option 2: The current system remains the same manual

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With this option comes with its advantages and disadvantage

  1. Everyone will be assured of a familiar environment and familiarity of the existing system†††
  2. No cost and or ROI to be measured


  1. Problem will persist in the system
  2. No possible improvement is communication and services if the system remains as it is.

The option used the following criteria

Cost of Software


Availability of Hardware


Solution to the Problem






  • The cost of the system software was estimated to be 3500. The RDBMS is the backbone of the system. However, an open source database.
  • Hardware requirements will be several computers one will be at the reception and other at consolation rooms. The computers will be connected the LAN network and centralized server will be used.
  • Training will be offered to enable them become familiar with the operation of the system†††

The following table offers a summary of the two options


Option 1 Manual to an automated patient information system

Option 2 The current system remains the same manual

Cost of software- 25%



Availability and Cost of Hardware






Training needs






2.3.3.††††† Option Selection

Option 1 was given a high score due to its possibility to solve the current problems on the hand Option 2 did not offer a solution to solve the current problem therefore poorly rated.† Based on the results option 1 was the best to be pursued to convert the manual system into an automated system.

Technical System Option

The technical system option states the technical setting for the application of the system. It involves the hardware and software, technical backing plan, distribution of the system and tools to be applied.

This part provided two options with the first one being the Clinical management system option while the second one is the community care management system option. These applications are varied in in terms of usage, design as well as the user categories.

3.1. Option1: Clinic Management System

3.1.1. Overview

The clinic management system is a web based system that is useful in family doctor clinics so as to make operative medical and administrative records in a better way hence bringing about innovativeness and reliability as well as speed in patient time taken.

  • It helps to acquire patient medical data at a fast speed.
  • It manages complaints issued on the web.
  • It makes it possible for the applicable departments in the clinic to track chronic ailments.

3.1.2. Features

Administrative features

  • It makes it possible for the patients to register themselves
  • It manages the queuing process of the patients
  • It centralizes the inventory tracking
  • The manages the appointment with constant reminders
  • Makes applies an integrated billing
  • It has a built-in CPF medisave and chronic organization reporting aspect to CPF and the ministry of health electronically.

Clinical features

  • It makes it possible for the clinic to trace the patientís situations
  • There is the possibility of recording notes
  • It signals on drug allergies treatment that is a patient is not responding to
  • It interfaces the clinical labs for a speedy and simple admittance to reports

3.1.3. Implication


  1. There is a developed patient care. The doctors are relieved of the too much work to make it possible for them to look into the delivery of reliable and efficient care to the patients. The EMR makes it possible for the tracking the conditions for an extended time length.
  2. There is an efficient clinic operation and organization. The mechanization of the process has a simple back-end operation which makes it possible to organize and use in an efficient manner workforce. It issues signal on the allergies so as to limit error in prescriptions.
  3. It is reliable and easy to use. The system makes it possible for the information on patients to be acquired at all times. It makes it possible to enter data.


  1. The system tends to limits the number of receptionists needed to work on patient appointments.
  2. The system requires technical skills that ought to be readily available in-case it fails.

3.2.Option 2: Community Care Management System

3.2.1. Overview

The community care management system interfaces the patient management, administrative activities and clinical procedures into a workable and manageable model. It makes it possible for a step down form of care and makes it possible correct-siting which doctors are able to control the patients at the correct level of care provision.

3.2.2. †Features

The community care management system is an all-inclusive model that applies the HL7v3 RIM form structure. Its operability involves:


  • It makes use of RADT: referrals, admittance of patients, and discharge of patients and transfer of patients.
  • Makes it possible to locate and manage the bedding for the patients.
  • There is better reporting of cases
  • The cases and outcome are managed
  • Makes it possible to manage billing


It makes it possible to assess the patientís records, care strategy by the doctors, rostering of the hospital staff and clinical notes for the doctors.

Back Office

The is appropriate and reliable time and attendance management, the booking and timing for sessions with doctors are managed, it allows for the planning of the number of patients per doctor, similarly it can contract operations and manages better the equipment.†

3.2.3. Implication


  • There is an all-inclusive provision of patient documents to the doctors. It is simple to train and apply the CCMS. It makes it possible to acquire information to help the health workers. It limits repetition.
  • The process is effective in that it develops the quality of care offered, it backs the care structure allocated, it has an inner reporting ability and the system is scalable in that it may include or eliminate data.
  • It applies a Software-as-a-Service model of issuing data which reduces the cost needed.


  • The system is prone to destruction if not handle properly especially in cases that it is overused. For instance doing tasks that is not intended for it.

3.3.Option Selection

With regard to the need of the clinics and the option that offers an affordable and reliable system in addition to efficiency, option 2 of the community care management system is better. The option allows every user to use it and does not require technical skills to manage it. It manages the records on the patients in a better way adding that it does limit the possibility of error.†

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