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Free Example of Team Information Essay

Team Information

Profile step

What it involves

Team information

Team background information

Time keeping



Tasks distribution and commitment




Commitment to deadlines





Changes affecting the team







How is the team coping with the change

The team maintains one hundred percent of time keeping.

Not all tasks are clearly defined. However, members have been able to maintain high quality of duty performance.

All the members have been able to complete their tasks before deadline. However, it has been a doubting task to some members.

The only change that has affected the team is moving out of the group by one member. This has affected the other members because of the additional tasks they have taken.

The team members have decided to add more time and dedication to performing their duties.

Individual Analysis

Jackie Shields- Facilitator, Sponsor


Matthew Bass- Document Controller


Martin Youhanna- Web Developer

Charles Tocco- Sales Representative

Jeremy Pruitt- Scribe


Jack is always on time but extremely choosy when it comes to task. Overall, Jack has high behaviors.

Mathew is honest but has a high temper when tasks are not performed according to his or her wishes.

Martin maintains high quality performance in his work.


Charles has high level of communication skills.

Jeremy is the critical thinker in the group.

Team Analysis

- Excellent communication skills, time management, honesty and work performance are key characteristics of the group.

- Overall temperament for the team is high quality maintenance of job performance

- Honesty and proper time management is the team temperament.

- Overall, behavioral rate of the team is five.

The team maintains time and the members are extremely honest.

Team strategy for raising the game

The team is on the verge of creating high quality strategies.


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These strategies increase efficiency in learning resulting to increase in learning levels of the student.

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