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In accordance with the most fundamental postulates of contemporary students' psychology, it has been identified that the theory of mind development can be defined as the capacity of a human being to conceive and the beliefs, intentions and desires of outsiders (the so-called mental states) differ from his/her personal ones. The development of mind is an indicator, which is used by psychologists to determine whether a student is not able to acquire knowledge.

This article is primarily related to the issue of how the mental development of students is going on. Ultimately, it was found out that the intellectual development of young people was in direct causation with a significant number of different factors. These factors are generally of internal and external origin. External factors lie in the sphere of teachers’ intercourse, i.e. the way and frequency with which lecturers communicate with their undergraduates.

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The most fundamental postulates of the theory involve the assumption that student   cannot understand all provided information without teacher’s help. The situation is complicated by the absence of teacher, who gradually instructs how to memorize material in a proper way. The study affirms the assumption that the personal physical peculiarities of a young person are of the secondary importance to his/her integral development. The most important element is the frequency of visual and audio communication with lecturers. The study concludes that the constant and incessant teachers’ intercourse positively contributes to the development of student.


After completion of the research, the scholar infers that the capability to graduate test is linked to the frequency of communication with the teacher.

Overall, it can be recapitulated that the mental development of learner is in direct causation with the combination of internal and external factors and generated by tutors. It should be stated that the title of the report is completely consistent with the declared research objectives. The research is full and comprehensive; the applied evidences correspond to the needs of the research; and the theories and ideas have been coherently interpreted and applied.

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