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The Barents Sea is one of the large, clean and undistributed marine ecosystems of Europe. Barents Seais the richest marine, biological diversity there. It has the power for protecting its natural value for the future. 

In the Barents Sea, we have an off shore oil field which is named as Snohit field. It is situated 143 km off shore; it is 250 to 345 meters in water. The operation started at December 2007, it releases around193 billion cubic meters of recoverable natural gas and 20.4 million tones of condensate LPG. Statoil drilled twenty production wells and one injection well for the releases of carbon dioxide. 

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This was the longest remote control system which was ever installed. The drilling of mud and the cutting discharges was not been allowed to be discharged into the water to keep the environment free. This made the researcher to use the best advance technology which was available. To reduce the load of the environment the following points were to be kept in the record:

  1. Reducing the waste of sources.
  2. Finding the substitutes for toxic chemicals for the environment.
  3. Reusing the muds and the chemicals.
  4. Depositing the remainder soundly back. 

There is very small amount oil present in the oil. Chemical substance found in the sea called “produced water”. Production and transport of oil, it also includes risk for oil splitting and discharge. Before entering the new area we should protect, the establishment of petroleum free zones which are available in this area. 

Still people who are working with respect in search for oil and gas production are still in progress and Norwegian continental shelf has the treasure of oil still available and it will give a long time production. 

SWOT analysis 


  1. Most of the transporting oil and gas methods are cost effective.
  2. Highly flexible.
  3. The methods of construction are established. 


  1. This can be easily destroyed by the man and natural cause.
  2. It needs more monitoring process which is complex.
  3. It should not contain any new field discovery as may cause the initial trouble for it.
  4. The interruption of economic and political barriers can cause an effect on cross border project. 
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  1. The application for the new pipelines should be coated.
  2. The maintenance of the pipeline should be kept in mind which can be given to others through contract.
  3. New pipelines can be added into the existing infrastructure.
  4. Upgrading of these pipelines should also be done.
  5. There should be new discovery for the oil and gas fields.
  6. The new pipelines of the new technology should be made so that it can easily face the changing environment condition. 


  1. There should be availability of new renewable fuels.
  2. The global outline should be made certain as it can cause the economic outlook more complex.
  3. The depletion of oil and gas should be reserved. 

Regarding gas there is a technological advance that natural gas can be extracted from shale. Many people thinks shale gas can be a major game changer as the US has enough shale to make them self sufficient in natural gas. This can have impact on Middle Eastern and European gas exporters in terms of supply and price. On the eastern side, Russia is upgrading old fields and considering developing new fields like Scthokman

The transformation of oil and gas wealth to be transformed the economic growth of that country like Russia should be fully in the beneficial site. These oil field production houses provide employment and build competent and are capable of challenging the local companies. 

As there is the invention of this oil bed in the city the government has raised the question that all the petroleum resources should be used for that country only. Norway has become the largest industry in this field. There is a joint treaty between Russia and Norwegian: 

  1. There should be a bilateral cooperation in the energy which is mutually benefited to both the countries.
  2. There should be active cooperation rather just commercial cooperation, as regards with the exploration and production of hydrocarbons too.
  3. It also include issues linked to resource management, energy policy, legislature, energy related environment issues and safety, technology exchange and development of oil and gas field market.
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