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The Candidate. The issues like political parties, politics & Manipulation are the asset contents of the movie 'The Candidate'. It contains some clever satire along with the pretension of some insight. It is a cute political story.

The Candidate’ hits the bull’s eye revealing the hollow center of a campaign manipulated by media mercenaries and political Machiavelli who value victory over integrity and substantive moral issue. The Candidatedoes not become sidetracked by meaningless side dramas like marital tiffs or petty underworld schemes to make the movie unwatchable.  It instead tells us a simple story. The Candidatedoes have a somewhat dated feeling in that none of the characters make us forget that we’re watching a 1970s movie. The unanimity of praise for this movie that only political junkies have ever even discussed makes one suspicious that critical acumen is lacking in the analysis of this film.

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The film has its own strengths even though. The Candidateis too perfectly packaged to be believable.  Redford is too polished, eloquent and attractive to be running for political office.  Even JFK was not this perfect in his outward presentation.  And Don Porter as Crocker Jarmon so instantly appears so insincere that we’re practically convinced he was a used car salesman that has violated the California State Lemon Law.  To sum up, this movie is totally slanted.  Even if the voters knew in advance everything about Bill McKay that the movie audience knew, they would have voted for McKay in any case when the alternative was Crocker Jarmon.

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