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During the film making process, Asian directors rely on a distinctive minimalist style to a considerable degree. This style can be easily distinguished from others by its characteristic feature, which predominantly involves the audience’s imaginative power. As a rule, the story unfolds gradually, without focusing on presentation of the cause-and-effect relation. Moreover, the background of the plot remains sketchy and ambiguous. This technique gives the audience a possibility to create a distinct reality, in which the roles of the main characters develop in a different manner.

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The minimalist style of Asian Directors can be specifically seen in terms of the technique of framing, namely what they emphasize on the mise-en-scène. Each detail is chosen thoroughly as its role within the composition in general is significant. However, the minimalist style of the Asian cinema indicates austerity and stringency when compared to other styles. The camera position allows abstracting away and watching how a rather ordinary plot based on secular concerns gradually develops. The lack of haste contributes vastly towards focusing on details which help in understanding the director’s intentions. This seemingly unique simplicity makes the audience to concentrate on things that reveal the true story below the surface of the ongoing action.

The minimalist style of Asian cinema allows not to dissipate one’s attention; on the contrary, it contributes towards creating an artistic motion picture, which not only demonstrates the beauty of simple things and their possibilities in terms of clarifying the real meaning of the story, but also involves the audience’s imagination. This approach offers an opportunity to immerse in an alternative way of interpreting of what is being shown. By using the minimalist technique, Asian directors can guide the audience in their experience of unfolding the plot which is mainly based on subtle nuances.

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