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Free Example of The Organizational Culture Essay

This essay discuses Sony, General Electric and Intel, the world’s three companies that have bench marked the best practices on the topic of organizational cultural characteristics that support innovation and change. It also discusses the role of ethics and responsibilities in leading innovation and change.

The Sony Corporation is one of the best-known names in the field of consumer electronics. It was established shortly after the Second World War, and it has introduced a stream of great electronic products. The products include transistor radios, Trinitron televisions, the Betamax VCR, CD players, the Walkman portable cassette players, and the PlayStation game consoles (Wolf P. 2008).

The company's electronics spectrum which includes televisions, personal computers, monitors, audio and video products, computer peripherals, telecommunication devices, and other electronic components generates about seventy five percent of the total revenues. For instance, the sales of the game consoles and software account for about 10% of the revenues. The other part of the total revenue is derived from the Sony's music businesses. These music businesses the Columbia and the Epic record labels. Also about eight percent of revenues are derived from the Sony's motion picture and the television business. This includes the Columbia TriStar studio. Finally, Sony has an insurance business from which revenue of about seven percent is derived from (Flugge J. 2008).

General electric

The general electric Company traces its start to Thomas Edison, who started the Edison Electric Light Company in the year 1878. In the year 1892, a merger of Thomson-Houston Electric Company and Edison General Electric Company created General Electric Company which is the only company that is listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Index today.General electric is a technology and a manufacturing company with diversified services, and a commitment to achieving the customer success and worldwide leadership in each of its business undertakings. General electric operates in more than 100 nations and has about 320,000 employees worldwide. The company’s products include the major appliances, lighting products, the industrial automation products, power generation and delivery products, medical diagnostic imaging equipment, electric motors and electrical control equipments. It provides various services including the nuclear power support services, fuel assemblies, military aircraft engines and super-abrasive industrial diamonds. Through National Broadcasting Company, Inc which is its affiliate, general electric company also provides network television services, operates many television stations and provides internet and multimedia programming services. It also offers a variety of financial services through another affiliate called the General Electric Capital Services,Inc (Plummer A. 1971).

Organizational cultural characteristics

The organizational culture guides the company through employee self-management and socialization and  it supports the company’s strategies and implementation efforts. These processes enhance stability and continuity. The  individuals learn to adapt as the culture is absorbed. The company’s culture is sustained through rituals, ceremonies, stories, and heroes, leadership, policies, and important decisions that are present. When the individual in a company fits with the culture, the relationship becomes  powerful and enduring. The company’s culture changes when the  internal and external forces become strong enough to overcome any resistance to change. The strong cultures enhance organizational performance in two ways. First, they improve the performance by energizing the employees i.e. appealing to their higher values, and rallying them around a set of meaningful and unified goals. Such ideals enhance the employee commitment and effort because they are inherently engaging and fill voids in identity and meaning that some believe, characterize the contemporary Western society .Secondly, the strong cultures boost performance by shaping and coordinating the employees’ behavior. The stated norms focus employees’ attention on the organizational priorities that guide their behavior and decision-making (Schein H. 2004)

Organizational cultural characteristics of Sony Company

The Sony Company’s commitment extends to helping local the communities, fostering better educational systems, funding several research activities to cure diseases, supporting the culture, helping the disadvantaged youths, improving the environment and encouraging volunteerism in employees. The company’s efforts reflect the diverse interests of its businesses and focus on several distinct areas such as education, arts and culture, health and human services, civic and community outreach and the environment. The Sony is a strong supporter of arts and culture. The education and volunteerism are key components of the Sony Electronics Inc.'s efforts. The Sony Pictures Entertainment supports the arts education and the community involvement. The company provides assistance when large scale disasters struck. For instance, it has helped the victims of major hurricanes, earthquakes and the attack on the World Trade Center in USA. 

The Sony Corporation is proud of the many programs and partnerships that have touched thousands of lives in all corners of the world. About 20,000 employees of Sony have responded positively to collecting food for the hungry, building homes for the poor, cleaning the polluted waterways  and have helped in many other ways that enhances positive change in the communities in the world (Whitely N. 1993).

Organizational cultural characteristics of General Electric Company.

The general electric company has been successive in implementing the organizational culture and behavior in  categories which includes motivation, group behavior and organizational structure.  The General electric company successively puts into use the following characteristics of organization culture (Trevino K.2010).

  1. Attention to detail

The general electric company focuses in detail into critical areas such as the customer service, the quality of products, performance targets and decision  making.

  1. Risk taking and innovation

The employees of general electric directs their focus to innovation which is used as the foundation for determining the risks for change in power generation, aviation technology, health care and research facilities.

  1. Aggressiveness

The general electric company provides the necessary tools  which increases the aggressiveness of the employees.

  1. Orientation of people

The general electric company regards their employees as their greatest asset and they are always passionate about improving their life styles with new technologies and new ideas.

  1. Team orientation

The GE Company always involves the nurturing of diverse teams in some areas such as global research, public relations marketing and others.

In conclusion, the general electric obtains its stature through successive application of organizational behavior and culture concepts. The GE has very successive frameworks through reinforcement, goal setting and involvement of the employees in decision making process. It also offers many incentives to the employees such as salary increments and allowances (DocShare). 

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