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It has taken about one century since the beginning of the development of mental thinking to a serious academic study. In the early and mid 19thcentury, the study of psychology had not taken any serious course. This was the period of civil war, and no single person had dreamt of the possibility of its existence. It was until late 19th century (1880s) that psychology began to develop as a separate field of investigation (Klein, 1970). However, most of its organization or institutionalization became more prominent in the 20th century. But this interpretation may be criticized by the many scholars who could be interpreted as psychologists were in existence several hundreds of years ago.

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Basically, psychology could be considered to have emerged from such questions that prompted people to wonder about the nature of human nature (Klein, 1970). For example, one would ask why some people look sad while others cheerful, whether different sexes differ in mental ability, can human memory be improved by practice? Do people have the same type of imagery or visual recognition? And many more questions. It is such questions that prompted many scholars to start viewing psychology as a potential area of investigation that has eventually degenerated into a body of science.  

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It has become natural to find that psychology has developed in a body of study that does not only support academic endeavors, but also contributes immensely to the human welfare. Psychology as a profession has emerged as a tool to guide businesses, governments and its agencies, hospitals, and many other non-academic fields (Klein, 1970). Further it has been used to study of personality, voting behavior, cultural orientation, and the behavioral habit of the consumer that helps develop an understanding of people’s behaviors. With these kinds of involvement, psychology helps arbitrate human understanding of humanitarian involvements, international relations and other aspects of social developments around the world. Additionally, it is the psychological understanding of our environment that leads us to the full knowledge of environmental protections.

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Psychology itself does not study the reflex of humans, but the process of reaction that defines its ability to understand the behavioral process. The interest in human behavior is what determines what others feel about the processes of reaction. But the problem is that mind can never be studied directly because it cannot be seen, hence the need to go through the reflex reaction so as to get access to the real underlying issues about psychology. 

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