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In the twentieth century, physical education was believed to have a connection with the moral standards of an individual. Physical fitness and sports were crucial ways of developing the religious, moral and mental qualities of people. This made several contributors, in the field of physical education; contribute immensely to the physical education. In this assignment, I will discuss the contribution of Thomas Wood to physical education.

Emanating from the need for physical education, there emerged new physical education that resulted from the progressive education movement, which saw physical education as an essential element in the development of individuals, both mentally and physically. Thomas Wood is known for his contribution in the development of the new physical education. The development of the new physical education helped to spread the vitality of physical education to individuals. As a result, the physical education became embraced in most schools and colleges. The philosophy of Thomas Wood was based on a natural education and child centered approach; this was highly influenced by the attitude of social reforms of the time. According to the philosophy, education was viewed as a crucial way of allowing students to play and participate in games and sports in order to attain positive social goals. This emphasis of Thomas Wood on physical education led to the integration of physical education in schools. The focus also increased development of the physical education since more time became devoted to physical education.

Thomas Wood contributed a lot to the physical education; a study of his career depicts that after Thomas Wood attended Obrlin College, he served as the first director in physical education department at the University of Stanford. Later, Thomas Wood became associated with Columbia University. In his philosophy, Thomas Wood believed that there must be more emphasis on games skills and games; under this philosophy, Thomas Wood introduced a new programme, which he gave the name, Natural Gymnastics.

Thomas Wood was of the opinion that physical education did not entail the education of the physical nature, but the association of physical training in order to complete education, and an effort to make physical contribution to the life of an individual. This notion of physical education led to the appreciation of physical education, and people became devoted to the education. Also, most states came to embrace the physical education as part of the legislation. It was through the contributions of Thomas Wood through the various advocacies that led to most public schools adopting the physical education. Physical fitness became established in order to assist in combating the falling fitness levels of youths in America. Through advocacy for exercise and sports, Thomas Wood was capable of convincing most individuals the vitality of physical education, which led to the development of the physical education.


The contributions of Thomas Wood in the development of physical education are so eminent that, it is impossible to talk about physical education without mentioning his contribution. In his career, Thomas Wood was capable of becoming the first director in the department of physical education at the University of Stanford. This made him develop the new program of Natural Gymnastics. In addition, the contribution of Thomas Wood in physical education is also seen in the development 

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