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Free Example of Twitter Essay

Twitter is a micro blogging service, which gives a possibility to communicate between participants, a certain mixture of the blog and ICQ. It allows the user to send short messages in the news line which other people can subscribe to (if to use Twitter terminology, you can start to “follow” this person). The technology is clear — as soon as someone, whom you watch or follow, publishes a new message, it appears in your Twitter line.

Twitter was created in San Francisco in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noy Glassom, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. These four people participated in the R&D project with Odeo company. In October, 2006 the company was redeemed by the head department, and the former employees of Odeo opened the Obvious Company, which directed both Odeo and Twitter. Twitter became rather popular in April, 2007 when the Company Twitter, Inc. separated from the Company Obvious.

The Main Features of the Twitter

The first feature of the Twitter is that one message can contain no more than 140 symbols. At first, it seems that it is very inconvenient, but then you understand that a rigid restriction of the quantity of symbols forces to state the thoughts extremely laconically that affects positively the information value of the news line.

The second feature is that Twitter is often read through special programs, instead of through the Internet browser.

The next feature is that it is possible to answer the publications of the other people in the Twitter. To answer the other person’s message, it is necessary to begin the answer with a sign, then, to write a nickname of that person whom you answer. Even if the person does not follow you, he/she will receive your answer. Thus, this answer will be visible to everybody who is signed both on you and on the person whom you answer.

The fourth feature is that, through the Twitter, it is possible to send personal messages which are not visible to other people. It is possible to send personal messages only if your addressee is following you.

Why do you have to use Twitter if you have already had a blog and an account in a social network, as you can send personal messages by mail or by means of ICQ, Skype or Jabber?

For successful use of the Twitter, it is necessary to understand that the Twitter is not a blog, and it is rather a means of communication and obtaining new information. You can get acquainted with the help of the Twitter with many interesting people whom you could not communicate in other circumstances. For the communication in the Twitter, it is not necessary to add each other as a friend or in a list of contacts. Even if the person is not signed on your updating, you can answer his/her messages by means of a sign @. After several answers, he/she will surely pay attention to you, and you can continue your communication through personal messages or through the same Jabber or ICQ.

By default, standard settings of the Twitter allow other users to see the whole list of your messages. However, there is a possibility to limit access to some twitters in order to they could not be seen by readers and search engines. In order to read messages of other users, it would be necessary to subscribe for their Twitter, to “follow” them.

All users can send and receive twits, using the Twitter web interface, compatible external applications (for example, for smart phones), short-message services like SMS in mobile communication. There are also special client programs for sending twits, however, they should correspond to the policy of the Twitter and they should not break special requirements. Sending tweets by means of SMS is free; nevertheless, “according to the tariff of the mobile network operator, nobody cancelled the cost of outgoing messages” (Ellis and Kent, 2011).

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The central office and site Twitter Inc. is to the USA, San Francisco, the State of California. Besides, two offices and servers of the Twitter are situated in San Antonio (the State of Texas) and Boston (the State of Massachusetts). The management of the service is entirely carried out from there.

At the moment, the number of the Twitter users in the world makes 175 million people (the data of 2011). The statistics argues that the attendance of the Twitter resource exceeds 190 million people per day, thus the users create more than 65 million tweets and more than 800 thousand search inquiries. Thanks to it, the Twitter began to be called “SMS by means of the Internet”.

Today, in Twitter, there are many interesting, vigorous people like singers, writers and athletes, advertizing directors and PR agencies, editors-in-chief and leading journalists, show business stars, famous PR managers, restaurateurs, sommelier, designers and other creative, extraordinary people. All of them are united by one – an ability to have a fascinating, open communication. “The thoughts, which have been placed in 140 signs, use the Twitter actively, many users simply read others”. Here, everyone chooses the strategy of communication and participation during every moment of time. Twitter can be used and as the tool of the expansion of the circle of your friends. Thanks to the Twitter, it is possible to find people, interesting to you, or who are occupied in the same sphere as you.

The Twitter brought an absolutely new style of communication – laconic, compressed, capacious! 140 symbols do not allow speaking in a circumlocutory manner. It is necessary to get used to this style, but a couple of days of supervision for skilled twitters – and it is possible to join this community perfectly, if, certainly, you want and are ready to learn to state your thoughts shortly and accurately.

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