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Wag the dog. Barry Levinson's film Wag the Dog' thus begins with these opening credits, an early indication of a dark socio-political satire that would unfold to criticize the venturous mass media and fickle public opinion, but most importantly, the abuse of power by political leaders. Wag the Dog' also satirizes the naivety of society and how people's unquestioning absorption of propaganda only encourages the media to exploit them on a higher level. Politics is presented as a species of show business, and as opined by Motts, It's all a change of wardrobe.'

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The audience watches Wag the Dog' incredulously, inevitably recognizing the parody of their own folly, as the American public devours the created scenario and rises to the call of blind patriotism. Wag the Dog' repeatedly exemplifies society's complete trust in the imagery of media presented to them, and subsequently their seduction by political propaganda.

The movie ironically precedes the scandal of President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, and the hasty bombing of some minor' African cities. Wag the Dog was based on Larry Beinhart's book American Hero, which argued that the Gulf War was filmed by Hollywood producers hired by the first Bush government to boost support for his failing presidency. Thus the movie shows a complete focus on deception and & appearance in politics.

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