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The report: “What works for students?” helps me identify institutional-personal factors, which may help me in my studies.  I really appreciate the chance to have the ability to study in order to fulfill my Masters programme and my ability to become a successful student. On the other hand, there have been also negative factors, which I have experienced during my first two weeks of study.

First of all, I have to admit that the first positive institutional factor was the ability to get new experience through academic and social integration. Though it was not so easy to change my life, I realized that I have become a different person: more sophisticated and intelligent. This new experience was very passionate to me. Academic integration involves not only the ability of students to meet new standards, but also to identify with dominant academic structure (Woodley, 2001, p.117). Another positive feature that should be mentioned is my social integration with the institution and social environment. This was a new environment, where I have met new friends and teachers that were very friendly and supportive. I realized that my personal development and satisfaction depends on my ability to integrate into a new social environment. I was lucky to succeed in this process. Third, the course ensures me that it should have the positive impact on my future work. Horstmanshof and Zimitat (2007, p.715), suggested that students, who are sure of the benefits of studies in their future work, will be more successful and able to achieve better results. The work in small groups was very amasing, because this type of work seems to me rather productive. Fourth, it is evident that campus teachers were another area, where the institution could help me to develop and grow. It is very important to understand that the growth and development are those factors that make every individual an educated person. All pedagogical staff shows their keen commitment to fulfill my goals. Fifth, technology in learning may be estimated like a great supportive instrument in the process of studies. Moreover, teachers are well-experienced to utilize all benefits of IT education.

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It should be mentioned that there were also negative institutional-personal “culture shock” factors I have experienced during my first two weeks study. According to Parmar and Trotter (2004, p.150), the first year is considered to be the most critical in making decisions to continue. First of all, I should admit that two first weeks of adaptation were the most critical and I was almost in panic. I felt rather uncomfortable, because of the new environment. Second, institutional habitus differs from the one I used to. Third, cultural diversity of students was not a positive factor to me, because I prefer to spend time in my own environment, where I feel more comfortable. Fourth, I was lack of time to do my personal affairs, because I have to spend much time at the library. Lastly, I was really shocked, because I did not feel free to do what I have used to.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that I appreciate both positive and negative factors that have influenced upon my life, made it different and more productive. 

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