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Where There Is Life There Is Hope Means

Why we say "Where there's life there's hope"? - the words once uttered by Cicerone have not lost their significance even now. The majority of our contemporaries lives in the world of burning desires and cannot even admit the possibility of failure. Consequently, all the misfortunes, which inevitably happen to them, maybe very upsetting and stressful. On the other hand, those who are guarded by hope and are convinced that nothing is over until it is actually over, eventually become deserved winners.

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When There Is Life There Is Hope Example

Steven Redgrave, the champion who has received five Olympic gold medals, is an outstanding sportsman. However, on the way to his success, he had to come across a serious obstacle - illness. In 1997, his health began to deter, and after a visit to the hospital, he heard the diagnosis - diabetes. At first, his disappointment was so considerable that he was on the verge of canceling his sports career. However, when the doctor announced that the chance of curing was high, Steven perked himself up and hoped only for the best. The result was impressive: he became the winner not only of the competition but of the disease too.

In the most tragic and tense situations, hope can save the person, sometimes even the whole nation. Guyana is an independent state in the northern part of Southern America. In the sixteenth century, it was colonized by France and Britain. The invaders expelled the majority of the population out of the territory. They built many prisons, which served as the punishment for those brave people who attempted to fight back and protect the land. As a result, not very numerous Guyanese started to disappear gradually.

However, those who managed to survive were always hoping for the best and were convinced in the ability to stand over the territory. Finally, a miracle happened: the dream they cherished for so long finally came true. In the twentieth century, Guyana started a process of rapid development and established its own space research center. In addition, now, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions as it preserves the huge amount of rare species of flora and fauna.


We cannot feel or touch the hope, because it is not part of our body. However, it is an essential component of the soul. This is a feeling that helps us to achieve any aim and to overcome all difficulties.

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