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Free Example of Work Packages Essay

The project will comprise of a three work package with the main focus on the project management, project development, as well as, project outreach. The main aim of the work package it project management. In addition, it also assists in business requirements analysis. The main tasks which will be involved in the work package includes reporting the projects progress and the deviations, risk management, to act as the owner of the project on behalf of the group, coordinate the acceptance testing, ensure the integrity of the group, and to create a report on the application of the statistics.

The cost of the work packages for the project

According to the plan, the project will take one month, the interim review will take 3 months, the product design and development plan will take 3 months, community outreach plan will take 3 months, major project review will 6 months. In addition, the work package will ensure that there is maximum uptake of the developed tool set to ensure continued support to the community team members (Kerzner, 2013). The work package will include planning and setting up materials for the community outreach, planning for representation at relevant events, testers of the system, recruiting project ambassadors, building a network of volunteers.

The project cost comprises of the following costs. The main player is the community manager.

The budget includes the following:

Role                     Hourly rate                 

Project manager           50

Senior developer          40

Front end developer      50

Metadata specialist       35

Community manager     50

Lead developer             75

Other expenses

Marketing materials   755

Overhead                  10%

Determine the duration of the work packages for your project

The duration which should be assigned to a work package is similar to the amount if work when divided by the mount of people who are involved in the execution of the project.  The estimation of the time includes the lost time, part time work, as well, the interference, which includes the physical constraints of the work site which may have negative implications by prolonging the duration. Based on experience and historical data, it is possible to determine the duration of the work package. However, in practice, the estimated duration has only 50% probability of being higher or lower than the average. In most cases, 14 days (2 weeks) duration is normally set as the upper limit for work related activities with an exception of non-construction activities, such as delivery of materials and procurement. Work packages constitute of work activities and the duration is based on anticipated quantities, as well as, productivity rates, as well as, resource crew activities. The provided 2 weeks upper limit of activities is majorly mentioned in project scheduling requirements based on project technical specifications. Therefore, the 14 days or 80 working hours on work packages is aimed at   improving the schedule performance of the project.

The optimal organization of the work packages for your project.

Work Package deals with coordination of the project and the coordination of the domain. The project management team is formed by the leaders of the work package and the overall project leader. The project management team is solely responsible for the overall management of the project. The advisory board is charged with the responsibility of assisting the project leader.   The board is also responsible for monitoring project deliverables and milestones and milestones. In addition, the advisory board can adapt the project’s work plan if the projects assumptions are not fulfilled. On the other hand, the progress of the report is based on the reports made by the projects management team. The following functions are executed by the project management team. First, the team is responsible for the daily operation of the project, financial administration, monitoring the projects progress, ensuring communication between participants, organizing project meetings, as well as, assisting in writing the final project.

The work package leaders are responsible for monitoring the progress of the working groups, as well as, the progress of the work package, coordinating the activities of the work package and compiling the responses. The work package leader will discuss the progress of the project with the project leader through conferencing. Thus, the working group leader has the responsibility for designing tasks between work groups and a timely co-operation of the workgroup.

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