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Free Example of Writing a Constitution Essay

A constitution is a document that contains the rules and regulations that are used to govern a given country. This paper outlines various items that can be included when writing a constitution of a large country in terms of the governance structure that should be adopted, institutions that should be put in place among other important factors.

The constitution of this new democracy is aimed at enhancing the role of law in the land. When preparing the constitution of this country I will be aiming to achieve the following goals; to ensure that there is a fair representation of people, equity in distribution of national resources, fair administration of justice and respect of universal human rights.

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The constitution will have three important institutions in order to enhance check and balances in the country. These institutions includes the judiciary which will over see the interpretation of the constitution, executive which entitled to enforce the constitution and finally legislature which will be entitled to make laws that will govern this country.

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I would adopt a federal system of government. This wills be the case because the country is large there is need to enhance devolution of power and resources. In the case of unitary system some regions tend to be marginalized thereby, federal system will help t enhance equity in this country. This will enhance fair representation of various ethnic groups in this country.

Proportional presentation is the best form of electoral system in this country given the differences in ethnic groups. This system will help in ensuring that there is fail representation in the governance structures of this country.

Finally I would I adopt a presidential system of government. Given the different ethnic differences and the federal system of government adopted in this country there is need to have a power presidency institution. This will act as a symbol of national unity and it will also help build a united country.

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