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Free Example of Youth Entrepreneur Scholarship Essay

I would like to provide a brief summary of the reasons, making me eligible for the “Youth Entrepreneur Scholarship.” First of all, it is my desire of becoming an entrepreneur and finding a right place for me in life. The actions that were undertaken to achieve this goal include the foundation and running of two companies. One of them, “Schülerjobagentur GbR“, was a solo project of my own, accompanied by a friend of mine. Running a job placement company had two positive sides, as we communicated with potential employees and studied their likes and dislikes, and gained invaluable experience from cooperation with employers. I learned the basics of business administration, key marketing strategies and developed my negotiation skills. Running my first business enabled me to understand the importance of well-planned and weighed hard work, supported with personal self-dedication. Experience of the first business served a catalyst for launching a next firm – “Deal-fever oHG,” run together with my brother. I decided to use the Deal-of-the-Day business model for this company, as it is quite innovative, and there are almost no other competitors in the market segment, oriented on dog products both in Germany and Europe. We are working towards making the business unrelated to its American prototype, i.e. unique and outstanding. I contribute the most efforts I can to make the business develop in the right way, involving a computer expert from India, working on the site development, thus saving on expense but keeping the quality level untouched. Since there are not so many good entrepreneurs worldwide today, I will do my best to become one of them and take my place in the business world, supported with my knowledge, experience and unbeatable leadership skills. I believe my next companies would allow me to be helpful to the society and make all the possible positive changes to it.

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My personal desire to help everyone and the self-dedication I have for every project I get involved in, would allow me to become extremely helpful to your university. You can use my assistance in a variety of areas. Firstly, my marketing skills can be used for dealing with the campus business-involving issues. Following the line of university promotion and popularization, I will be more than willing to help in creating and post-production of video materials about the XY University, as well as sharing the materials on the Web. Other important thing I could do is assisting during the open days at the university. It is well known within the country; however, it is not so popular in the rest of Europe, even though its significance and high level of alumni proficiency are the same as the ones of the most famous institutions. I could help the XY University to gain higher popularity, in Germany specifically, by conducting the open days at local schools, colleges or public libraries during my vacations. German people always look forward to getting the best education they can, so my actions would be beneficial both to the university and to my community. I believe working with students who are about to finish high school is very important, as counseling them regarding their future career choice, and guiding on the best choice of the university is very important, as it predefines their happy and successful life in the future. Thus, informing these young people about the unique opportunity to gain experience of studying and possibly working abroad, as well as enriching their communication skills and developing their leadership qualities would be a real pleasure for me. I believe it would be easier for me to gain trust of the applicants while assisting them in the application process, thus I will be helping Laura Lensen to do her work in Germany. I will help emailing, talking over Skype and interacting with students on the forums and chats, as these are the locations modern applicants look for the info on everything. I am willing to undertake any other tasks, offered by the XY University administration for the improvement of the welfare of the university.

Last but not the least to mention is that my brother is a freshman at your university, and he also inspired me to become a part of your friendly student community.

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