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Personal Experience

Well-developed writing skills are necessary for successful academic progress. The current course has significantly helped me to improve my writing skills and understand the essence of peer collaborations and group work. This paper presents my retrospective view of my writing experience in this course. It seems that I have substantially improved my writing technique. Previously, I had a number of problems with presenting my ideas in a clear and precise way. Although there are many aspects in my writing that should be further improved, significant progress is evident.

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However, I like this course not only because it has helped me to acquire new skills but also due to the unique experience I received. My learning was very diverse, and I tried various forms of obtaining knowledge. The peer collaborations were highly productive as I was able to exchange my opinions with others and see new positions to the same issues. The group work was also interesting for me as it was a comparatively new form of collaboration for me. I understood that it was necessary to efficiently delegate responsibilities to all group members and control their work. If one group member did not adequately fulfill his/her functions, it created problems for the entire group. In general, group work was more difficult for me than individual assignments.

I enjoyed class discussions; it was the most interesting part of the course. Although all of us received the same information, everybody understood it differently. Then, everybody tried to persuade others that he/she was correct. In some cases, the criticism was due to the misunderstanding of others’ position rather than due to real differences in interpretations. In any case, discussions were highly interesting and beneficial for all students.

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Reading assignments were also beneficial for my development and the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills. The HCC Online Tutoring Service helped me to specify some important issues and transform my theoretical knowledge into practical skills. In general, I tried to benefit from all types of assignments as they fulfilled some important functions. The group work and class discussions were the sources of a unique experience for me as I tried to exchange opinions and even respond to criticism. It seems that I have become a more tolerant person after taking this course. I have understood that alternative opinions may also be correct as they help to arrive at objectively correct conclusions.

Reflecting on my personal experience, I should say that the first stages of this course were the most difficult for me. I had problems with integrating all information and correctly applying it. Moreover, my motivation was not especially high at the beginning of the course. However, after some time, I realized that this course was of utmost importance for me in several respects. Thus, I began to participate in all discussions and forms of group work much more actively than before. I began to consider various alternative positions and make my own judgments. Although I was not always able to arrive at correct conclusions, and some of my mistakes could be avoided; I suggest that this experience was highly valuable for me.

The dynamics of this course were intensive but adequate for its objectives. At the end of the course, I desired to continue taking it and absorb even more information. Unfortunately, I did not realize its significance from the very beginning. In any case, I think that it was one of the most valuable courses for me regarding both knowledge and experience of my collaboration with other students. I will try to use the obtained skills in my future courses and assignments.

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