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Free Example of Apple Public Relations Campaign Essay

Apple is known not only for the production of outstanding gadgets - cult objects for millions of people. The spiritual leader of the Apple Corporation Steve Jobs aspired to a compact functional design, a lack of excess details, in other words, minimalism, creating any product.

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This principle extends absolutely to everything in the company, including advertising. The advertising techniques, such as appeals, advertising media, direct marketing media, personal selling, sales promotion, social media, which are unique and original, also attract great attention.

The First Serious PR Campaign

The commercial success of the Apple computers is a consequence of the first serious PR campaign on the formation of demand in the market of the information technologies. In fact, Steve Jobs was the first PR manager of the arising industry. He was not tired to propagandize the advantage and need of the usage of personal computers. The management of Apple widely uses the PR campaign of the head of the company. The main goal of such a PR campaign is the active news-making and maintenance of the interest to this personality at the target audience.

Advertising techniques used by Apple can be divided into several directions. The PR methods are used to create or support reputation, public opinion in support of the company’s strategic goals. The instruments of such activity include the work with mass media (including interviews and creation of news topics), conferences, presentations, and also participated in the actions, capable to cause a wide public response. The annual MacWorld Expo conferences in San Francisco are examples of the implementation of this advertising technique. Such events gather about 100 thousand adherents of the company’s production.

Another advertising technique is the image of the leader of the company. The following methods are used for the creation of such an image:

  • creation of the company’s philosophy, aimed at leadership, elaboration of the accurate mission, purposes, and company’s goals, close to each employee;
  • leadership projection on personnel as the object of imitation (promotion of the head, his hyperactivity, and importance for clients).

The Advertising Campaigns

The advertising campaigns of successful projects as a reason for the implementation of the mass PR campaign are directed at the strengthening of the company’s image and involvement of new clients. This technique includes press releases, press conferences, banquets, presentations, and wide coverage by all mass media, including electronic ones.

The style of Apple Advertising has always been simple imagery, strong wording, and usually minimal wording. The campaigns include television commercials, print ads, posters in public places, and wrap advertising campaigns. All of these advertising techniques are unified by a distinctive, consistent style. The more famous commercials and print advertising featured dark silhouetted characters against bright-colored backgrounds.

Think Different

The campaign called “Think Different” quickly attracted millions of new clients all over the world. The text off-screen was executed in a fine style and managed to inspire many people. The successful product of Apple was a basis, and the advertising became a loud-hailer, which notified the whole world that Apple is the best.

The motto “Think Different” reflects a deep conviction of Apple that creative people can change the world for the best. The management of Apple sees its mission in the creation of the best means in the world for all creative people.

TV advertising was added with the unforgettable printing campaign - a series of black-and-white portraits of the historic figures with a logo of Apple and a slogan “Think Different”. Einstein, Gandhi, Lennon, Picasso, Edison, Chaplin are among the heroes of this campaign.


In 2007, the Apple Corporation began a new advertising campaign “Switch!” The main heroes of the campaign, eight former users of PC, are real people, who preferred the Macintosh platform. Apple claims that the number of such people increases; the era of individualism has come. In 2010, Business Week magazine reported that 80% of the value of Apple as a company can be referred to as the value of its brand, created almost perfectly by the PR methods and advertising techniques.

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