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Free Example of Asteria Capital Limited Report Essay

In order to analyze the company in detail and to draw proper inferential conclusions, several important assumptions should be taken. First and foremost, the analysis must be all-round, and most importantly, it must be integrally confined to the internal and external aspects of the company activity. This report has been designed to outline basic concepts about the company, alleviating current number of the employees with the emphasis laid on the professional staff of the company, the structure of the staff employed by the company, the turnover and employment rates, the way how the hiring process is organized, and the overall Human Resource process are conducted.   

The first sections of the report outline the basics about the company, i.e. the services this business entity provides to its customers, the mission statement and the vision of the company, the aim of this business entity, and the business strategy which is currently employed by the executives of the firm.       

This report also addresses financial background of the company, with special accent laid on the financial statement annually issued by the reviewed business entity. More exactly, the report is focused on the financial performance demonstrated by the company, i.e. on the assets collected and net profits accrued by the company. The stock market situation (price per share and dividends accrued per share) is also meticulously analyzed.          

The current market position of the company has been subjected to the detailed analysis. The existing and emerging markets are specified with the accent made on the major permanent customers retained by the company.

The report is finalized by the SWOT analysis of the current market positions and overall performance of the reviewed firm.

Basic Overview of the Company

The company is among the leaders of the consulting businesses. Although the firm is incorporated domestically in London (Berkley Square House, London) under the laws of England and Wales, the company operates internationally with its agents located in, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, China, and India. The main competence of the company includes consulting services for the business entities and individuals interested in acquiring assets in Central Europe and the United Kingdom.           

In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation of the company, the mission statement of the company is to “provide highly effective financial, tax and legal consulting services for the European and international individuals and businesses.” The empirical analysis of this mission statement of the firm clearly reveals that the firm is more money-oriented than socially-oriented. The goals of the company existence, encapsulated in the Memorandum of Association, thereto are integrally connected with the mission statement of the entity. The company has been established to accrue revenues, to partake in the development of the international economy and international financial cooperation, and to contribute to the process of international integration and the promotion of intercontinental business solidarity. Besides, it is highlighted that another aim of the firm’s existence is to provide opportunities for the brightest legal, tax financial talents to cultivate and develop their skills and qualification to make a global-renown longstanding career.           

With regard to the corporate responsibility of the company, it should be stressed that the discussed business entity fully complies with the most advanced international standards. The firm makes annual financial contributions to safeguard the environmental needs of the community and to preserve the endangered species of flora and fauna from full extinction. The productivity cycle of the firm has been labeled as “non-polluting”. Moreover, the company heavily invests in the educational sector, and the most talented students can apply for the internship with the company, which conditions the start of a long-term cooperation with the firm.

Company Structure

Considering the type of the services provided by the discussed business entity, it can be stated that the structure is the most relevant for the needs of the consulting business (the company provides consulting services for the clients from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, China, India, and Latin America, which are willing to acquire assets located in Central Europe or in the United Kingdom).  

The offices of the company in London number 121 employees of all levels of the company hierarchical structure. At the top of this structure, there are the partners of the company, both salaried and full partners. The partners of the company are those who founded this entity and those who were promoted to be a partner for his or her specific contribution to the development of the company. The Executive Board of the company is composed of the partners exclusively, with the key departments being headed by the partners of the specific specialization and with the relevant experience.        

The second level of the company structure is the counsels, the advisors, and the researchers. These professionals are charged with the task of servicing the customers and communicating with them directly. They are the key factor of the company success since they are the most valuable assets of the company. With regard to the hiring policy of these specialists, it should be stressed that, in their majority, they are enticed away by the rewards policy of the firm. Another option how to become a counsel, analyst, or advisor is to complete an internship with the firm and to get promoted, although the partners prefer to hire the professionals with a relevant experience.

Moreover, the company has numerous administrative positions (secretaries, clerks, etc.). Before the interns are promoted to be counsels, analysts, or advisors, they are ubiquitously considered belonging to this group.    

In relation to the turnover rate, it should be reported that, in 2012, the annual report of the company clearly indicated that the turnover rate did not exceed 11%. Moreover, 100% of the counseling and advisory department stayed with the firm and those resigned were from the administrative department of the firm exclusively.    

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In order to encourage the employees of the firm, the total rewards strategy is currently employed by the company. Under the postulates of this motivational strategy, the staff of the company receives both monetary and non-monetary incentives to comply with the tasks assigned to them. As far as the application of this strategy in Asteria Capital Limited is concerned, it is worth noting that the counseling and advisory department receive the annual bonus payments, and healthcare and insurance packages are at the disposal of employees thereof. Besides, the firm provides lucrative retirement plans for those, who stayed more than ten years with the company.

The hiring process of the company includes scouting in the leading educational institutions of the United Kingdom, as well as headhunting among the competitors of the company. However, the majority of the future counsels, advisors and analysts of the company apply to the Human Resources department of the firm themselves.

Company Finance

The financial sector of the company has been analyzed by means of review of the company financial statement for the period between 2005 and 2012. First and foremost, the fact that the firm effectively handled the repercussions of the 2008-2010 global economic downturn should be considered. No layoffs and no bankruptcies of the affiliated commercial entities were reported to have taken place.  

Overall, it can be inferred that the company performs well financially. In 2012, the firm was reported to have collected approximately $ 15, 577 billion in fees, whilst in 2006 the annual net profits of the company were only $ 4, 2 billion in fees and other revenues. The balance of the company is reported to be positive with the accrued revenues exceeding the incurred losses on 21% respectively, hereby making the discussed business entity one of the most marketable unit of the entire spectrum of consulting services of the United Kingdom.

Moreover, the company performs at the stock market equally well. The shares of the company are reported to be traded on the London Stock and Tokyo Stock markets. In 2012 one share was estimated to be sold for $ 41 (in 2005 that figure was $ 24), hereby indicating that the stock market capitalization of the company is gradually but steadily increasing. The financial department of the company estimates that by 2015, the stock capitalization of the company will have constituted 57% of the entire assets of the company. 

The recent audits conducted by the public audit corporations clearly indicate the company is completely free from promissory notes or other types of debentures.

Markets of the Operation

Currently, the targeted clients of the company are primarily large-scale businesses from Eastern Europe (majorly oil companies from the Russian Federation), from India (pharmaceutical and software development industries), from China (almost all manufacturing sectors of the economy, including automotive giants and explorers of the natural resources) from the Middle East (oil companies). Accordingly, the practices of the company have been duly customized to serve the needs of these customers. Nowadays, the international commercial practice clearly manifests the trend that, with the development of the Oriental economies, the immense financial resources accrued by the Chinese and other eastern companies are accumulated and majorly invested to the European markets, which are considered stable. In order to operate on those markets successfully, both the scholars and the business practitioners highly recommend purchasing assets at those markets. 

With regard to the market opportunities currently available for the discussed business unit, the clients’ base of Southern and Northern Americas, the United States of America in particular, is the most lucrative. With regard to the recent global financial crisis, it can be assumed that the investment activity of the American companies will be soon confined to the Central European and UK markets. These markets are reported to manifest extra financial stability, the fact that is globally recognized to be among the most important factors for the development of a successful business unit.

SWOT Analysis of the Company

Having explored different spheres of the company, several inferential conclusions based on the SWOT analysis of the firm can be made.  

Analyzing the strengths of the company, the fact that the services win the company will be in demand in the upcoming future shall be additionally accentuated. With due consideration paid to the tempos of the international business and trade development, the services provided by the company indeed seem to be in great demand by the existing clients and by the prospective clients, as well. It is evident that, for the rest of the business entities operating in the similar field, the crisis related phenomena are negative exclusive in their natures. Any event that may hypothetically shatter international trade and economy contributes to the development of the discussed business entity, since the prospective clients of the company will rush to the central European markets to protect their assets by means of acquiring assets there.

As far as the weaknesses of the company are concerned, it shall be elucidated that the main feeble point of the company is the amplification of the American and Oriental economies. Provided that these economies become strong and crisis-resistant enough, it can be justly assumed that the clients of the company will prefer to invest to their domestic markets, since it will be possible to safeguard the assets equally well there.                  

Moreover, recent directives adopted by the Tax Committee of the European Union suggest that heavy taxes shall be imposed on the consulting business located within the jurisdiction of the countries participants. It is highly improbable that the UK leaves the EU, and thus, the adoption of the proposed tax regulations can completely eradicate the profitability of the firm. With regard to the opportunities available for the company, it is worth stressing that primarily the company shall diversify the range of the proposed services in order to increase revenues and to gain financial resources to conquer new markets. The most implementable alternatives are the consulting of international IT giants and the European business entities willing to acquire assets located on the Oriental markets.         

The biggest threats currently endangering the effectiveness of the company is the emergence of the newly-established competitors operating in the same sphere and the adoption of heavy tax legislation.


Having summarized the main points of this report, it can be stressed that the firm provides one of the most lucrative career opportunities in terms of financial remuneration and career growth, as well. The market, financial and SWOT analyses of the company clearly indicate that it is stable in term of financial performance and is vulnerable to the heavy tax legislation exclusively.

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