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Free Example of BlackBerry Advertisement Essay

Explanation of Design and Content of the Advertisement

The design and production of advertisements is a process that has to be done carefully and in line with the intended purposes of those advertisements as well as in line with the target group or targeted demographic. This paper proposes a design and production of an advertisement for one of the most established brands in the mobile phone industry, BlackBerry. The advertisement is for the Company’s new series – BlackBerry Bold. This paper explores the design and content of the advertisement, explains the purpose of the advertisement, and provides a description of ways in which the said purpose can be achieved.

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Purpose of Advertisement

The purpose of the advertisement is to market the product and create awareness among individuals in a targeted demographic section. It aims at exposing the features of the phone and demonstrating how these features suit different users.  The functionality of the phone should also be emphasized so as to enable potential buyers to realize how it may be of use.  The advertisement is also aimed at advertising the quality of the phone, its ease of use as well as its user-friendly interface. The advertisement aims to create favorable associations in the advertisement, where the brand and the particular phone are associated with certain desirable values and aspects such as attractiveness, efficiency, productivity, finesse, and class. Generally, the advertisement hopes to create market for BlackBerry among a selected demographic section which, in this case, are young professionals who are mainly interested in productivity and functionality that is packaged attractively.

Design and Content of Advertisement

The advertisement is mainly composed of written and graphic displays, where the use of pictures and text has the aim to communicate the intended messages. Graphics are included in the advertisement so as to be able to attractively display the entire product and to give the advertisement a ‘technologically-savvy’ impression. This is important whether the advert is able to compete with others that incorporate a lot of technology. The advertisement poster also incorporates the use of two other images, a classy-looking manly watch, and an attractive ladies’ neckpiece. These two images have also been incorporated into the advert in order to create an association between the concepts that those images stand for and the phone. The advert includes a strong headline clearly showing the product being advertised followed by a body copy text which appeals to the viewer to buy the product based on a current special offer.

The advert has a ‘tag line’ which shows the company’s philosophy. The advert also includes a call to action telling the reader what to do next, which is to ‘hurry while the offer lasts’. Information about where to find the product is also given.

How to Achieve the Advertisement’s Purpose

The advertisement aims to achieve its purposes by the creation of associations between the phone and certain favorable values. This results in the association of the phone and its brand, in the mind of the reader with a positive message. This predisposes him to buy it as compared to other brands. Hill (2010) notes that it is possible to create associations of products and brands with positive things and desirable values by constantly presenting them together to the viewer. The more they are seen together, the quicker an association between the two can be made. The advertisement aims to associate the qualities of strength, reliability, class, professionalism, and functionality inherent in the watch to the BlackBerry Bold. In the same way, the classy, delicate, attractive, valuable, and functional values that would traditionally be associated with the neckpiece displayed that will be associated with the BlackBerry Bold.

One of the most relevant concepts in marketing is the art of persuasion. This is the key marketing principle considered in the preparation of this advertisement (Tellis, 2004 p.23). This is achieved by listing its entertainment features in a compelling language. Secondly, the advertisement will consider communication as a main pillar of marketing in the process of its production (Tellis, 2004). A key consideration will be put in ensuring that the message of the advertisement is communicated well to its intended recipients. The video, graphics, and audio in the advertisement will be constructed so as to communicate the intended messages clearly to the targeted market; care will be taken to avoid ambiguity in the advertisements.

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