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Free Example of Blogging Opportunities and Challenges Essay

Stonyfield Farm is an agricultural business organization that specializes in the production and marketing of organic dairy products; the main objective and branding of Stonyfield focuses on farming, family and embracing an organic lifestyle.

Stonyfield ensures sustained truthfulness of the brand by incorporating a targeted topic within the organization’s blog. They use an image of a healthy and happy kid sipping yogurt and having a handful of numerous types of fruits within its reach as their homepage backdrop. Also, as it can be seen from the blog, there are, in addition, photos of healthy families, variety of organic products, and several articles about healthful diet and living. All these components are aimed at reinforcing the theme of healthy living and a good family. The company applies attractive statements and comments that catch the eye, for instance, ‘12 Healthy Snacks Both Kids and Mom Will Love’. This is a beautiful way of promoting their products through raising curiosity and compelling desire to know and use the organic products.

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Video has also been cleverly used and in a manner that is genuinely representing the company in a “backstage” style. Their video further expounds the theme of farming and family personifying ordinary people living the healthy lifestyle. The breathtaking videos are made from the organic farm. These enhancements are aimed at allowing the audience to like, know and trust their contents.

Stonyfield further employs more efforts to attract visitors to the blog utilizing the soft sales messages and description build in a value-added content. Hence, in the article “How to Raise an Organic Family on a Budget”, apart from giving the guidelines the firm’s management emphasizes on the importance of using organic product as part of the product promotion. Moreover, they try to stream traffic to their blog through social media by proving posts as can be seen on the right side of the blog. This greatly increases the number of visitors thereby promoting the business to new heights through popularizing it.


The blog helps to spread the information of the business product to a greater number of people as compared to the posters and advertisement billboards. By doing so, business has the highest chance of growing and expanding further to serve the ever increasing number of customers (Hirshberg, 1991). The blog provides information on the benefits of using the farm’s products and also sometimes the steps of using these products giving a customer, who initially was not interested, the reason why one should use these products and how it should be done. Also, the blog enables quick introduction of a new product to the market since a large number of people can see it immediately after it is posted. When a blog acquires large number of visitors, this gives an opportunity of doing more things, which may not be directly related to the theme of the blog. For example, Stonyfield may enter a new sales market by incorporating the marketing of farm inputs such as plough machines.


It is expensive to maintain the blog, especially for starting a business or in the situation whereby the blog has extremely few followers due to poor design or the lack of motivating articles in the display. Another challenge is the difficulty experienced in managing the large archives. It is problematic for the customer to find a particular product as the process is long and tedious, or overcrowding of items on the blog as some items are not posted which means one has to use search engines as explained by Holtz and Demopoulos (2006). There is a difficulty in managing trolls and disillusioned leaders, besides; the blog has a variety of long stories, which may discourage people to read them as they are time consuming giving an advantage to other competing bloggers.


In order to increase the number of visitors to the blog, I recommend Stonyfield to improve and enhance their contact with the social sites and search engines so that as many people as possible can see the content of the blog. People like fun and entertaining bloggers who attract them without resistance; in order to take an advantage of this, the company’s management should enhance the vibrancy of the posts and include the animated objects in the homepage of others. In addition, they should minimize the size of objects in the blog to accommodate more information and shorten the messages to encourage more leaders and to establish a greater connection through advertisement of other products leading to this blog using search engines; hence grater performance of the business is achieved.

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