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Dear Mrs.X, 

I am pleased to congratulate you on being hired to the E News Anchor company for the post of the marketing manager. Our company is highly honored for the possibility to work with you. We hope your work will considerably benefit the company’s success. If the date suites you, you may start on September, 22.

Our department has outlined some basic information and duties concerning your work. Prepare yourself for the training session, which will last for 2 weeks. After the training course, you will start your work immediately. The range of your responsibilities includes the improvement of the main marketing managerial practices, among which are: the development of the pricing strategies and planning the effective manager’s strategies. The devising of new ways for the customer’s satisfaction will be among your responsibilities as well. Your monthly salary for November will consist of $35000. However, the amount of the payments may vary depending on the level and quality of your performance. The company will provide health and life insurance benefits after 90 days of employment. Your working hours will be from eight in the morning to four in the evening.

The manager of our company will contact you to inform the precise date of your first working day. I would kindly ask you to send me your name, full postal address and social security number. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. It will be my pleasure to help you.


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