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Free Example of Business Recommendation Letter Essay

To whom it may concern,

This letter is aimed to serve as a business recommendation letter for (the girl’s name).

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I am much pleased to support (the girl’s name) application for an interpreter course. I wish to say that she will be a promising student. She has always shown much interest in the English language and literature and she was good at her exams. I believe that the professional qualifications of (the girl’s name) combined with her personal qualities can guarantee full success in her future activities and entitle me to support her application for this course.

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The girl has been working for our company only for three days as an interpreter, but we do not have the slightest doubt in confirming that she possesses an excellent knowledge of English language to enable you to profit from her studying in your course and to be of significant utility in her being as a qualified interpreter. The girl did her best to prepare all the given material properly. No wonder she was doing very well in her job. She had an experience of interpreting for our guest from Kazakhstan oil companies on the seminar “Oil and gas pipeline security”. We could not fail to notice the keen intellect she applied to her work. She also had a good sense of responsibility and an excellent ability in interpreting. The accuracy of her interpreting words and expressions as well as her capacity to translate under deadline pressure deserve to be mentioned specially.

(The girl’s name) is a very motivated young girl with numerous talents and an excellent self discipline. He is enthusiastic, trusting, fun-loving, trustworthy and likable. I would also like to take your notice of her wonderful relations with the clients, management and colleagues in our company.

Please, do not have any doubts to contact me if you have any hesitations or questions concerning this information.


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