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The author of this particular letter has done a commendable job in the crafting phase of the document. He has clearly communicated his thought, feelings and concern to colleagues at the workplace and esteemed clients in his practice of dentistry. In the opening paragraph, the author salutes and acknowledges both colleagues and patients after which he addresses various issues directly affecting his patients at the healthcare facility. He clearly communicates unreasonable increase in the medical costs for his patients and compromised health standards by the health care providers with all the passion and further suggests a solution to the problem affecting his clients with precision.

Nevertheless, a number of discrepancies and weaknesses have been noticed in the letter. Most critical of all, the dentist author has made a grave mistake by addressing both friends and colleagues in the same author. Most regrettably, the content of letter touching on the employer cum health care provider, Phoenix Dental, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, should be treated as confidential thus not leaked to the patients despite the legitimacy of his claim and undying quest for excellent dentistry since such a lapse is liable to make the patients lose confidence in the two healthcare providers. The letter, therefore, is not only an out rightly a breach to the organizational goals and values but a distortion of the two highlighted healthcare institutions.

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Suffice it to say, the tone of the letter portrays the author as disgruntled and dissatisfied- the two detrimental and unprofessional qualities which can greatly hamper his future career advancements. Given that the letter purely addresses his personal opinions and concern on the subject matter, the content of the letter is not a true reflection of the organizational stand on the matter. As such, the letter should not be circulated to patients and colleagues within the facility as he did.

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