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Free Example of Campaigns and Publics Essay

Comcast is a corporation whose mandate is to provide products and services relating to entertainment, communications, and information. With headquarters in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, the company has divided its operation into five main segments. This includes Cable Networks, Broadcast Television, Theme Parks, Filmed Entertainment, and Cable Communications. Through the various segments, Comcast Corporation serves a diverse customer base that consists of business and residential clients. It is the largest cable operator and leads in home internet and telephone provision n the United States. The corporation has acquired stakes in several cable networks including Style Network, NBC Sport Network, The Golf Channel, G4, and E! Entertainment Television.

The corporation achieved human rights campaign award for its friendly working environment. It is considered the best place to work for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The achievement is attributed to corporation’s policies that promote inclusive work environment by providing networking and volunteer opportunities. This makes the employees make the most of their benefits.

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The introduction of the controversial 250 GB-per-month data transfer cap was one of the worst campaigns for the corporation. Public complains led to suspension of the policy. Further the company could not defend what it meant by excessive bandwidth.

Xfinity brand failed to reach the potential desired by the company. Customers did not have a proper understanding after the brand launch in 2010. This led to loss in advertisement money. This shows that the company failed to study the market prior to the introduction of the brand.

The company scores low in customer satisfaction due to its monopoly stature. Though they provide the best products and services, their prices are high. The handling of the Hurricane Ike in 2008 did not go well with most customers. The company gave a deaf ear to the destructions and demanded bills and collections for equipments destroyed during the storm.

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