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Caterpillar Inc. is a leading manufacturing company. It specializes in the production of earthmoving machinery and equipment. Over the past 85 years, Caterpillar has manufactured tractors, graders, trucks, scrapers, excavators, and heavy machinery used in the mining, construction, and forestry industries. Caterpillar also manufactures gas and diesel engines used in their machinery, locomotives, industrial equipments, and electric power generation. The company has over 50 production facilities in the Unites States and 60 production facilities all over the world.  The company has over 200 dealers that operate in about 178 countries in the world. It is necessary to note that the company conducts 44 percent of its business in the United States, while the remaining 56 percent represent company’s global business. Company’s roots date back to the 19th century, when Daniel Best and Holt brothers founded it. The company has evolved over the last 85 years to become a leading manufacturer of earthmoving machinery in the world. Company’s future is secured due to the fact that it diversified into profitable market segments. Due to high-quality machinery, engines, and financial services, the company has a sustainable future growth. However, it is essential that Caterpillar follows certain recommendations in order to ensure this sustainability. This largely depends on market segments where it conducts business. In addition, emerging markets provide incentives for company’s overall growth. Thus, venturing and investing in emerging markets will present unrivalled opportunities for the company. Caterpillar should embark on R&D and innovation by improving and enhancing the features of its products. This will ensure long-term sustainability in the company. The company should also engage in other lines of production that are less dependent on coal and steel industry. This will ensure that Caterpillar remains sustainable in the future. Lastly, the company should move its production facilities out of the United States to increase efficiency.

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