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Free Example of Cell Phones Essay

By definition, a cell phone is an electronic device that has been designed with the sole aim of mobile telecommunications in the form of data transmission along with messaging. They are done by means of a cellular network that is specialized on cell sites that are specialized in base stations. Accordingly, they are operated by a mobile network. The cell phone offers a duplex communication in the sense that it has automatic calling to and paging from a public land mobile network. There is also a handover when one moves from one base station coverage to another. Mobile phones have had a lot of uses and have contributed so much in the development of telecommunications in the world at large. Among the uses of cell phone are made to keep in touch with family members, for business activities, for having an access in case of emergency and other such like uses (Castells 77).

In some other cases, somebody may keep several phones for illicit reasons, may be extra marital affairs or unlawful business transaction. Cell phones may be used for many reasons leading to different results altogether. Besides the few mentioned of the uses of cell phones, they can be used for surveillance by a security of a state. At the same time, among the types of phones there is the basic phone, music phones and camera phones as well. Additionally, there is the smart phone which has evolved with more features, internet services and in this case they are so useful for business and other bigger organizations (Castells 245). Apart from a battery that is used for a cell phone, there is a small microchip known as sim card. This is to mean that the device under discussion has a lot involved in its design and making.

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Having brought into view, what a cell phone is along with its uses and the different makes, it is important to examine the impacts that the use of cell phones has had to the people and the society in the larger perspective. The impacts of cell phone use range from personal to society based impacts.† In the first place, mobile phones use electromagnetic radiations in the transmission of data. At the same time, cell phones have become as part of our daily lives and they have made communication to loved ones, for business transactions, for emergency and other related activities to be easy and as a result it has enhanced convenience in the communication sector.

†Following this point, many individuals own cell phones ranging from one type to another. Though the society has felt the end result of cell phones that communication has been made easy, efficient and convenient, there has been also a dark side of using cell phones (Castells 121). Before exploring the negative impacts of cell phone, it is important to acknowledge that it has contributed much in the sector of business among other impacts not brought into view. Use of cell phone in other case, has however been abused in the sense that many individuals have used it for conducting illegitimate kind of business,† engaging in extra marital affairs that make families to break and divorce. It has also led to many social conflicts and illicit activities being performed along with theft cases made possible by mobile cell phones. Another effect of cell phone use to the society and people has been felt in businesses whereby some cases, people concentrate on the phones leading to poor performance in the business. It is from this point that even in some organizations, the use of cell phones is prohibited. Equivalently, the use of cell phones within the organizations has been used as a means through which robberies have been organized.

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In the same line of thought, there has been the effect of the use of cell phones in the society in that many have developed an undesired behaviour while communicating. This is in the sense that many may shout while using the cell phone in a setting whereby it is not ethical to do so. Again, the use of cell phones has been abused by people like drivers who use it for calling and texting while driving. Such incidences have occurred whereby the drivers have caused accidents because of cell phone use. As people cross roads, some use their phones and as a result they are knocked down while crossing the roads (Regal et al 31). Accordingly, there has been some times when somebody just walks from an important meeting, or in a church worship setting to pick a phone call, a picture that brings the ethics into the scene making this behaviour to be unacceptable.

In the same line of thought, there are health related impacts of cell phone use. They comprise of health effects like cancer, memory loss, Parkinsonís and Alzheimerís diseases and in other cases, brain tumours. From this point, it therefore becomes so evident that use of cell phones despite the numerous advantages it has, it stands out to be harmful to the health of the many people and in particular a large population in the world that is using the cell phones (Lin 167) . In specific details, the use of cell phones, as it relates to health, its main effect is as a result of electromagnetic radiations that are involved in the transmission of data.

In connection to the impacts of cell phones to the society, and the people along with the ethical issues involved in the use, it has also affected the environment. Statistics have revealed that each year, there has been an approximated hundred million in number of disposed cell phones. Subsequently, there has been an increased destruction and pollution of the environment. This may not be clear to majority of users yet it is the truth of the matter. The materials that make up a cell phone are some of them very highly toxic and if not well disposed can be hazardous to the environment.

As much there is toxic materials and metals used in the manufacture of cell phones, there are also good and useful metals (Mossman 9). †At the same time, there metals like Cadmium, highly toxic, lead and mercury among others. Once the cell phones have been disposed in the environment, they accumulate with those dangerous and toxic metals to levels that are detrimental. At this point, they become toxic to plants, animals and humans making the environment to be contaminated and polluted so to speak.

The incorrect disposal of cell phone is dangerous and a great threat to the environment. By just throwing cell phones means that they will so much accumulate in the environment. This is for the reason that millions of people in the world are users of cell phones. Additionally, many different makes are in the market making people to dispose the old ones looking for the new ones which are well thought of being better (Mossman 121). This is a condition that is and will continue to encourage the disposal of large numbers of cell phones. In this case, rule and regulations should be put in order to make the right disposal and recycle them by returning to shops in order that they may be well disposed. This would be the only way that the environmental pollution will be eliminated.

From the above discussion, it is clear that cell phone use is o the increase and it is hoped to increase in the future. Following this point, millions of people are using cell phones but regardless of the numerous advantages it has, it has effects on the society and environment too. From this point of view, it is important to suggest that people should be educated on the right ways of disposing used up cell phones in order to safeguard the environment. Accordingly, they should be taught of the health risks involved in order to take precautions. Finally, it is justifiable to state that cell phones are important in the development of telecommunication sector in the world. Nonetheless, their impacts to the society and environment along with the individuals should not be underrated.

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