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Corporation’s social responsibilities should not be limited by the legal obligations of the firm. Corporation should also be involved in the community matters. Critics should not hinder the corporations from assisting the needy in the society. The most recent case of corporate criticism was when Pfizer distributed HIV/AIDS drugs. Many people felt that this was beyond their responsibility while in their own opinion; this was a moral responsibility that the public could not prevent them from practicing (Alizola 2008).

The government may fail to meet its responsibilities of assisting its victims during periods of epidemics or war. There might be a need for other bodies to participate in these humanitarian. There are four principles that support the contribution of corporations to humanitarian aid despite it being beyond the moral responsibility. They are principles of Membership, Ability, Contribution and fair play (Alizola 2008).

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Principle of membership tries to view individual firm as a part of other firms. Corporations should have a common goal in the alleviation of humankind suffering. Due to the communities expectations of the firms, where the corporations are expected to take up full responsibilities of their issues, the corporations might be forced to go beyond the legal responsibilities. Principle of ability encourages firms to incur some costs in the quest for the human well-being. The principle of contribution argues that the humanitarian aid resembles compensation to the suffering caused to individuals. The statement of the principle appears controversial since relating disasters, and compensation is not logical. The principle of fair play protects the community from the moral injustices from the government. This is beyond the legal responsibilities of the firm since many firms dislike the idea of challenging the government while trying to achieve an objective (Alizola 2008).

The business ethics should not be controlled the rules of the companies. It is the moral responsibility of the company to protect the community that surrounds it. The business should focus on assisting the community members despite the cost that might be incurred in during the process.

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