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The present experience was very valuable and informative. The discussion of corporate ethics as well as global corporation triggered a lot of thoughts and encouraged to reflect on the situation in different countries. I can say that I was relatively well-prepared for the event; I could engage in the conversation fully and contribute to the discussion with my own ideas.

The experience was meaningful because of my high level of interest in the corporate world. The ethical part of it was especially valuable as it described the part of corporate life that is sometimes not valued enough. To make my experience even more significant, I wish I could do some background reading and reflection beforehand. This would give me the opportunity to participate even more actively. After having received this information about global corporations and business ethics I am able to understand business environment more deeply. As one example, I realized how interconnected the modern world is. What happens in one business company in a particular country often reflects on others countries due to globalization.

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Together with providing me with valuable insight into corporate world this event also led me to reflect on my own life. I realized that ethical behavior is something that is natural for me and that especially in academic environment I try to uphold these high moral standards. I also made a decision to make my decisions more carefully. Just like business actions reflect on other companies that actions of one person have an impact on other people. Together with that, I was able to draw parallels to my other course material and see how discussion on business ethics, for instance, fits into the bigger picture. 

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