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Free Example of E-Business Essay

The discovery of the internet has led to many uses among them e-business. In this essay we will examine products and services are easily sold or not easily sold over the internet. We will also look at the possibilities of selling on the internet and retail stores as well describe an effective sales website.

Items that sell easily over the internet include; digital cameras, gift cards, cell phones, i-pods, laptop computers, brand women’s clothing like designer jeans and shoes, books and video cameras. This is because most of these items are not very expensive and are not big hassle items (Philips C. 2010).  Some items like perishables, big hassle items like expensive electronics and those items that will be hard to ship do not easily sell over the internet. The cost advantages associated with selling goods online over a retail store include; reduced costs and rent savings. Apart from the actual costs involved in setting up an online store, the cost of maintaining the site can be high (Hsiao A. 2010).

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There are some factors to look at before deciding whether a company can sell either online, through a store or both. A comparative model to evaluate the two types concludes that a hybrid model for the two is the best way for business and that is why stores like Wal-Mart have gone online. As much as e-selling is gaining popularity, some customers like seeing their items physically before they can purchase the items and items like perishables are better sold in retail stores thus a combination of the two can yield a company more profits (Hsiao A. 2010).

Sales websites should be different from other websites as they are focusing on selling products and thus they should have a strong headline to capture the attention of the visitor, the introduction should grab the visitor’s interest and it should show credibility by prove of testimonial results. It should include valuable products in addition to the main products and a bonus. The page should have the headline on top of the page, then introduction, credibility of the product, features, ordering and a conclusion on the bottom (Beckert L. 2005).

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